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5 Booking options for Shinsuke Nakamura in the main roster


How will the King of Strong Style fare in the main roster? However he wants, of course.

It is only a matter of time before Shinsuke Nakamura takes over the WWE main roster

Sandwiched between his debilitating kicks and irrepressible charisma, the King of Strong Style has enraptured Full Sail with his pyrotechnics ever since he arrived from NJPW as one of the world’s most coveted pro-wrestlers.

And blazing a trail straight to the NXT Championship upon arrival has only crystallized that notion.

With the brand split in full effect now, however, rumours of his inevitable promotion to the main roster have threatened to cut his reign over the ‘developmental’ brand short. While the question remains as to which brand would be absorbing him, Raw or SmackDown, what isn’t debatable is that he will likely be thrust into the limelight straight away like Finn Balor was.

Here then, are 5 booking options for ‘Swag’suke Nakamura when he makes the step-up to the main roster.

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