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7 Wrestlers who will never become a WWE World Champion


Not every wrestler on WWE's roster is destined for championship greatness

Is there a future as a singles champion for Big Cass and others on WWE’s roster?

There was a time when no one was WWE Champion. Back in the day, when Hulk Hogan was running wild all over WWF and professional wrestling, the man in canary and red ruled the roost. That meant few opponents had a chance to walk around with gold around their waist.

After a pay-per-view event, wrestlers were sent back to the drawing board, they were repackaged, and they assumed another wrestling life. Back then selfishness ran the business. Vince McMahon, and an elite group of story writers sought it fit to keep the title on Hogan while the likes of Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff, and. Ricky Steamboat toiled.

Today, only a handful of superstars get to wear company gold in a year’s time. Whether it's four or five or even fewer champions, the company that gives you both the red and the blue brands has been cautious to put titles around the waist of wrestlers it believes won’t draw blank.

This means there will be many who will never know what it's like to be the king of the mountain. As a fan, not a writer, that's a shame. Over the years, I have seen wrestlers who are just as good, if not better than sitting champions and were never given this opportunity.

Of course, politics plays a big role in this, and we know there is such a thing as favouritism when it comes to certain stars on the company ladder. For that reason alone, there will be fans who will be disappointed in the fact that their favourites won't get to experience the "Hogan effect."

Looking at WWE's roster right now, I can tell you there are a handful of stars who won't have this opportunity. Here is a look at seven wrestlers who will never be WWE world champions.

#1 Titus O’Neil

Titus O’Neil has the look and the ability to be a world champion, but will never become the face of WWE

It will be a real shame if O’Neil never gets a real run as a singles star in WWE. O’Neil, a former tag team specialist with Darren Young, has the size, the look and the mic work to become more than just a mid-card exception.  His work with Rusev alone should have given him a chance to move up the ladder on either side of WWE’s branding.

Right now, he has no true place in the company, which is sad. Give him a chance at a solid program with Chris Jericho or have him take a few laps around the ring with Roman Reigns. He deserves a better fate.

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