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Mr. Vince McMahon's daughter to Ms. McMahon: Stephanie's heel turn


Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon has been on fire in the past few weeks. She might just be on the verge of becoming the heel of the year.

Stephanie has had an eventful career in the WWE. Just like her other family members, except Linda, she’s been a heel character. Not that she’s a gifted actress or a talented wrestler, but Stephanie McMahon has always delivered in whatever role she undertakes, predominantly as a heel.

Triple H either has segments that are too long and sometimes he’s just too rough on the heels like Paul Heyman. He is nonetheless a good heel and we’ve seen shades of that greatness in his segments with Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, but Stephanie McMahon has surpassed by quite a lot in the past few weeks.

She’s been a puppeteer to the likes of Big Show and the Shield in past weeks. And given that the show is PG, she won’t be attacked physically or tossed around like she was in the Attitude Era.

I won’t talk much about her days as a babyface. They were rather uneventful compared to all her antics as a spoilt little rich girl and now the overbearing authority figure.

She is now Ms. McMahon, maybe a direct mellow remake of the relentless, tyrannical Mr. McMahon of the Attitude Era. While Mr. McMahon was formed after the non-fictional, kayfabe breaking Montreal Screwjob, the Ms. McMahon character is the result of the fictional screw up faced by Daniel Bryan.

The Attitude Era crowd never had a pleasing chant for Stephanie. She portrayed the quintessential image of the societal perception of a ‘loose woman’, a ‘sl**’.

The audience never has any other chants for a heel female character in the WWE. AJ Lee is treated differently, but then again, she’s been crazy for so long, it’s difficult to say if at all she is a heel.

Anyway, Stephanie won’t quite get that reaction from the current crowd, but she’s definitely got everybody’s attention. At least I’ll be waiting to see what she is going to be doing.

Though it’s highly unlikely that she’ll wrestle this time around, it’s hard to ignore the fact that she did wrestle years ago. That was not wrestling in any sense of the word, but in the WWE, more than technical wrestling, the idea or the portrayal of a spectacle counts much, much more.

And say what you may, Stephanie McMahon always performed that part. If there is a match between a heel and a face, the passionate reaction of the crowd for a face can partly be attributed to hate for the heel and vice versa.

When Lita won her first championship from Stephanie with Rock as a special referee and Triple H and Kurt Angle in McMahon’s corner in the main event, she got a huge reaction. It can be attributed to the fact that the match saw a presence of Lita and Rock who were arguably extremely popular, but the people were also relieved to see a heel get humiliated.

And if Stephanie was not a great character, then her match with Trish Stratus wouldn’t have been much spectacular given that it was a heel versus heel match.

But that turned out be a hugely engaging match for the audience in the arena. Two women who were the least proficient in wrestling ( Trish was still not the Trish Stratus that we now know), came out pulling off a good match.

Her heel persona has added a lot of fuel to various WWE storylines. It has really made RAW something to look forward to.

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