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Should the Shield break-up ?



The Shield has been a dominant stable in the WWE since their debut back at Survivor Series 2012. Since then they have taken out almost all the big names in the company, from Ryback to CM Punk, John Cena to The Rock & also The Undertaker!

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins together have already held the Tag Team gold while Dean Ambrose is still the United States Champion.

But should they remain as a team or should they break up ?

Looking at them individually, all 3 men are World Champion material. Look at Dean Ambrose, current US Champion. Defended the title 0n many occasions and has even worked a singles match with The Undertaker in his first year in the WWE!

He is a great superstar in every aspect whether it be on the microphone, in the ring or outside the ring. Currently, he is one of the best heel in WWE. He will definitely be a World Champion one day & quiet possibly become one of the greatest heel champions of all time.

Seth Rollins is highly athletic and can pull off every difficult move just so easily. He’s a former ROH World Champion & when he was in FCW ( WWE’s Developmental Territory, now NXT) he was the most decorated superstar there, as he won the FCW Heavyweight Championship, FCW 15, FCW Tag Team Championship & was the 1st FCW Grand Slam Winner. Already held the NXT Title &  WWE Tag Team Championship, he’s ready to move ahead & can become World Champion at some point in his career but I see him more as a mid-carder and is a perfect wrestler who should compete for the Intercontinental title and help the title gain its prestige back.

The last member of the Shield but definitely not the least, Roman Reigns. This is the guy who the WWE Officials want to be the next Face of the WWE. He’s got all the features to be the face of the company. He’s muscular, has got the looks & definitely has the “IT” Factor to be the face of the company.  He is a member of the Anoa’i family which is a Samoan-American Wrestling Dynasty and is related to The Usos, The Rock,  the late Umaga, Yokozuna & Samu Anoa’i. His official push as a big star has already begun at Survivor Series 2013 where he eliminated 4 men to become the Sole Survivor & there are rumours that his performance in the Royal Rumble match in 2014  would be similar to Diesel in the 1994 Rumble match & Kane in 2001 rumble match and perhaps he could be the one who breaks Kane’s record for the most eliminations in a single Rumble match!

He is for sure a future World Champion.

So it is quiet clear that they should break-up to pursue singles careers but they should break-up at or after WrestleMania XXX. The reason for this is that they should have a match with the Wyatt Family on the grandest stage of them all and let them lose to the Wyatts so as to put over Wyatts as an ever stronger and dominant stable.

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