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Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast: 10 best episodes


We take a look into the best podcasts and the best moments of the Texas Rattlesnake in the audio world

The Texas Rattle Snake, and podcasting legend

The iconic redneck, the Texas Rattlesnake and WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin entered the podcasting world in April 2013, where he started The Steve Austin Show, a more family friendly program. He has an adult-oriented version of the show as well titled The Steve Austin Show – Unleashed. 

Over 3 and a half years in, Austin has worldwide audience with hundreds of millions of downloads every month. We take a look at the best that Austin has to offer in the audio world from his podcasting home in Los Angeles, California.

NOTE: While we will provide the youtube links to the podcasts, we request you support Austin by going to his official Podcast One page and downloading the episodes for free. You can listen to the family friendly version here, and the adult version here

Honorary mention: Wade Keller on The Steve Austin Show

Wade Keller is one of Steve Austin’s most frequent guests

The Texas Rattlesnake calls PWTorch  founder Wade Keller at least once a month to sit and break down PPVs and even NXT Takeover specials. The pair’s styles suit each other and they find themselves agreeing with each other more often than not.

However, both are experts in their own ways, and it is extremely interesting to see their take on the current WWE product and give an insight into the things that fans may miss out on.

You can listen to the pair break down NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II, and Summerslam here

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