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5 Things you did not know about Alberto Del Rio


Some facts about the former WWE superstar from beyond the ring.

I did it all for the money, Perro

Alberto Del Rio is one of modern wrestling’s most tragic stories, and biggest wasted opportunities. He was brought in with much pomp and fanfare, defeating John Cena upon his return at Hell in a Cell, to capture the U.S. Championship, only to be buried on television night after night. Many wrestling fans predicted his departure a long time ago, because of how he was being used on television.

His U.S. title run was a disappointment, his run in the League of Nations did not help things either and since then, he’s been at the bottom of the barrel. But the fact remains that Alberto Del Rio is one of modern wrestling’s most popular superstars and this piece is an attempt to get to know the man, beyond his accomplishments in WWE. Here are 5 things that you did not know about ‘The Pride of Mexico’- Alberto Del Rio. Read on, guys.

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