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WWE RAW: Who are Los Matadores?


If you watched Monday Night RAW earlier tonight, you would have seen a video for a tag team known as “Los Matadores”, who will debut with WWE soon. Since the faces of these two men were not shown, the speculation immediately began as to who these men are. Are they two brand-new talents WWE signed from the independent scene? Are they two men from NXT who are finally getting their call-up to the main roster?

As it turns out, neither of those things are correct. As it turns out, the identities of both men have been revealed, and they are two men that you are likely familiar with, that being former WWE Tag Team champions Epico and Primo.

Epico and Primo

Over the last few months, WWE has been trying to revamp the once fledgling tag team division, starting with current champions Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Since they were given the titles, WWE has been trying to build up more teams as credible threats to the gold. In recent weeks, the Usos received a renewed push and were given several wins over the Shield in 6-man matches to help build them up. We’ve also seen new teams like the Real Americans formed in order to add some fresh blood to the scene.

Well, you can now add Epico and Primo to that list (although likely under new names). The two cousins and second generation stars have barely been a factor in the WWE since losing the Tag Team titles quite a while ago. They’ve mostly been fodder for more established teams and singles stars, rarely getting any wins or anything resembling a push.

While it’s hard to say exactly what this gimmick will entail (aside from both men being matadors, a gimmick not seen since Tito Santana in the mid-90s), a fresh look and fresh gimmick cannot be a bad thing for the cousins from Puerto Rico at this point. Both men are extremely talented, having been trained by the legendary Carlos Colon (father of Primo, uncle of Epico) prior to signing with WWE, and it’s a shame that it’s taken WWE this long to get more behind them. However, as the old saying goes, it’s better late than never.

Despite their experience, both men are still very young and have a long career ahead still. Even if this gimmick doesn’t work, perhaps it will do enough to show everyone that they have talent, and could eventually lead to something better. Who knows? These two could be tag team champions once again, if given the right opportunity.

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