3 Reasons why Malakai Black should return to WWE and 2 reasons why he should stay with AEW

Malakai Black kicked off WWE career on NXT in 2016
Malakai Black kicked off WWE career on NXT in 2016

Former WWE Superstar Malakai Black allegedly requested for his release from AEW recently. With the current ongoings in the pro-wrestling world, many prior released talents from WWE are making their way back to the company with Triple H at the helm.

In recent weeks, All Elite Wrestling has witnessed some turbulence backstage, leading to many of the stars being unhappy or involved in real-life tension. Additionally, Malakai Black wanted a release citing his mental health. Although this is a cause of concern, he was reportedly denied to be let go.

Below are 3 reasons why Malakai Black should make a WWE return and 2 reasons why he should stick with Tony Khan's promotion:

#5 Should: Possibility of more TV time in WWE

The reason Malakai Black and many other AEW stars are frustrated and have even gone as far as to request their release is due to limited television time. With Tony Khan seemingly overcrowding the talent, many of them are unhappy with not being granted opportunities.

The Dutch star debuted on the Road Rager edition of Dynamite in July 2021. He commenced a feud with Cody Rhodes, which he later deemed as the most iconic rivalry of his career so far.

With The Game upping the ante in the McMahon led-company by bringing back his 'NXT guys', it might not be surprising to witness the House of Black leader returning as his 'Aleister Black' moniker.

#4 Shouldn't: AEW's provision of creative liberty

One of the key differences between WWE and AEW is that talent has often been given creative liberty in Tony Khan's promotion. In the sports entertainment behemoth, superstars had to gain creative's approval before developing their characters, gimmicks and promos.

Malakai Black had barely made his debut on the main roster in WWE in 2020, before he was released just a year later. He had a similarly dark and mysterious gimmick in his former employer's organization. Black was last seen on an edition of the blue brand in a bid to win his first Intercontinental Championship from Big E, but he was released shortly after the feud began.

In the Jacksonville-based promotion, the former WWE Superstar was able to exercise control over his character progression. However, as The Game has taken over creative control, the AEW star may get an opportunity to showcase more of his talents should he make the jump to WWE.

#3 Should: Mentorship under Triple H

Malakai Black is known for his unique look
Malakai Black is known for his unique look

The Game has always had an eye for talent, and been vocal about his wants and dislikes when it comes to RAW and SmackDown superstars. Under his rule, NXT bloomed into an enhanced brand for the current talents on the main roster. The black and gold brand owes its upliftment to the 14-time World Champion.

During his NXT tenure, the Dutch star was mentored by Triple H. Additionally, many other names like Bobby Fish, Adam Cole, Kyle Reilly and others signed with Tony's promotion came to prominence on NXT.

#2 Shouldn't: Malakai Black's already established himself as faction leader

The House of Black have been a dominant stable on AEW
The House of Black have been a dominant stable on AEW

In January this year, Malakai Black joined forces with Brody King to form a stable titled 'The House of Black'. A month later, former WWE Superstar Buddy Murphy made his debut on All Elite Wrestling, joining Black and King.

The trio are known for their mysterious, gothic vibes and have been a dominant stable in the promotion. The 37-year-old's effective leadership skills have enabled the group to progress on the promotion.

With rumors afloat surrounding the AEW star's request for a release, it was uncertain whether he would be competing at the upcoming All Out pay-per-view. But on Dynamite it was announced that the House of Black are set to face Darby Allin, Sting and Miro.

#1 Should: Possibly form a tag team with wife, Zelina Vega

The House of Black leader's wife, Zelina Vega, is currently signed with WWE. But she was last seen on television at WrestleMania 38 where she teamed up with Carmella in a Fatal Four-Way tag match for the Women's Tag Team Titles. In October 2021 she won the inaugural Queen's Crown Tournament by defeating Doudrop at the Crown Jewel event.

Vega and Black both competed on NXT but as individual participants. Vega teamed with AEW star Andrade El Idolo (fka Andrade Almas) while her husband, was a singles competitor.

If Malakai Black returns to his former company, it would be interesting to see the duo compete in mixed tag team matches.

With his unmatched skill and potential, the former NXT Champion could have a massive impact on the wrestling world once again if he returns to WWE. Unfortunately the last time he was associated with them he was let go before showcasing his skills on the main roster.

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