5 reasons why Jeff Hardy should join AEW

Jeff Hardy has been in the headlines for his treatment in WWE.
Jeff Hardy has been in the headlines for his treatment in WWE.

Jeff Hardy is a former three-time world champion in WWE and a bonafide legend. He was one of the pillars of tag team wrestling during the Attitude Era with his brother Matt and their epic ladder matches. When Hardy returned to the company last year, it seemed that WWE would have a renewed investment in the man formerly known as "The Charismatic Enigma".

Jeff had a heated rivalry with Sheamus, defeated AJ Styles to win the Intercontinental Championship, and put on an incredible Ladder Match against Styles and Sami Zayn. Since losing the title, Hardy has been directionless. On the latest episode of Raw, Jeff was involved in the 24/7 Title scene, chasing Reggie for his gold.

With Jeff lost in the shuffle right now, many fans are questioning whether the best move for the former WWE Champion is to jump over to All Elite Wrestling. Let's take a look at the five reasons why Jeff Hardy should join AEW.

#5 Fresh matchups with the AEW roster for Jeff Hardy

In WWE, there are plenty of newer superstars that Jeff hasn't mixed it up with yet. It seems like the company sees him in a certain spot on the card that is lower than most fans want him to be in. With a move to AEW, it opens the door for Jeff to wrestle rising stars and former rivals.

There are a few stars in AEW that Jeff is quite familiar with. CM Punk is one of Hardy's greatest rivals. With more than a decade since their original feud, it will be fresh and new for both men. Chris Jericho is a competitor that Jeff has met on several occasions, but they never had a full fledged feud.

Aside from the old scores to settle, the up-and-comers on AEW are plentiful for Jeff to square off with. MJF is one of the best heels in the business today. He would be perfect for one of the most popular babyfaces of all time. Sammy Guevara is a star who must have looked up to Jeff, and would love to mix it up with him.

Kenny Omega, Adam Cole, and PAC would all be fresh matchups that would allow Jeff to be in the main event scene for AEW. There are many wrestlers on the AEW roster that Jeff has never faced, so the options are endless.

#4 Jeff Hardy's spiritual successor, Darby Allin

Jeff is a unique superstar. His daredevil style in the ring made him incredibly popular and proved to be innovative during the Attitude Era. From his high-flying style to his extreme stunts off ladders, Jeff inspired an entire generation of wrestling fans and future competitors. One of them is Darby Allin.

The former TNT Champion has been one of the fastest rising stars in AEW. He's a fan favorite and has followed in Jeff's footsteps with a never-say-die attitude and taking risks that put his body on the line.

Jeff and Darby also share identifiable looks. Jeff's face paint immediately showed off his enigmatic persona. It is similar to Darby and his face paint which represents a man who has one foot in the grave. This is one reason why fans compare the two men.

A rivalry between Jeff and Darby will be compelling. They are both so popular that it's hard to imagine either taking on the antagonist role, but Allin has proven that he can be more aggressive against other babyfaces like Jungle Boy and CM Punk. These two men can take things to lengths no other performer would. It will be a must-watch for all fans.

#3 More creative freedom for Jeff Hardy in AEW

Jeff left WWE on more than one occasion. The youngest Hardy brother left the company in 2003 and made his way to TNA where was able to explore more in the short run; even performing his own theme music. Jeff returned to WWE in 2006 and spent three years there, winning the top prize three times.

Despite feeling burnt out when he left WWE a second time, it wasn't long before Jeff returned to IMPACT Wrestling. It was there that he showed his creativity in a variety of ways. Jeff even tried turning heel as part of the Immortal stable, introducing his own TNA Heavyweight Championship and then creating a new persona in Willow.

Every time Jeff returns to WWE, it seems that the company has him play just one role as the Team Extreme member that was popularized two decades ago. Whenever he leaves, Jeff shows he has boatloads of creativity. AEW will allow Jeff to display his creativity in his own ways.

From Jon Moxley leaving behind Dean Ambrose and becoming the best babyface promo in the business to Brodie Lee going from a cult follower as Luke Harper to the leader of the Dark Order, former WWE superstars have found new life in AEW. Jeff could become the next in line to find himself in the AEW structure.

#2 Jeff Hardy would be treated like a legend and a main eventer

Besides the creative freedom in AEW, Jeff will know how he'll be treated in the company. WWE has pushed him lower and lower down the card. He has gone from Intercontinental Champion to one of the 24/7 crew in a matter of a year.

In AEW, there have been many legends who have been treated with the type of reverence they never received in WWE. Jake The Snake Roberts and Arn Anderson have found roles as managers and helped current stars feel bigger with them standing by their side.

Sting had one of the best debuts of the decade for WWE back at Survivor Series 2014. However, he dropped his first match in the company against Triple H at WrestleMania 31. The WWE Hall of Famer lost his next match to Seth Rollins on Night of Champions 2015 which proved to be his last in the company.

In AEW, Sting has been treated as a legend. The Stinger is being used to elevate Darby Allin while making sure he's a star in his own right. Jericho went from jobber to the stars in WWE to the first-ever AEW World Champion. The way AEW has treated Sting and Jericho shows that Jeff can still be a main eventer.

#1 The Hardy Boyz reunion for Matt and Jeff Hardy

As previously mentioned, Jeff was always a top star when he made the move to IMPACT Wrestling. He's the former three-time TNA Heavyweight Champion who has featured in high-profile feuds. Towards the end of his time in TNA, he needed a break from the top of the card and got into a long-term fued with his brother Matt.

This proved to be a career-making feud for Matt as it opened the door for him to create Broken Matt Hardy. This led to "The Final Deletion" match between the brothers, which introduced cinematic matches to professional wrestling. Matt defeated Jeff, deleting "The Charismatic Enigma" and helping create "Brother Nero".

The Hardys reunited under the Broken Universe with the rest of Matt's family. They went on an expedition for gold, winning the IMPACT World Tag Team Championships and other tag team gold around the independent scene. This culminated with The Hardy Boyz returning to WWE at WrestleMania 33 where they won the Raw Tag Team Championships.

Matt and Jeff soon separated again when Jeff went down with an injury. WWE decided to finally let Matt be Broken Matt Hardy, but it wasn't exactly what it once was. He eventually left the company in 2020 and jumped to AEW where he has been featured in a prominent position.

Matt was in the main event of his first AEW pay-per-view at Double Or Nothing 2020. He was also in a rivalry with Sammy Guevara that went on for months, ending in the Elite Deletion Match at Full Gear 2020. Matt now is the head of his own stable, the Hardy Family Office or HFO. However, most fans just want to see him back with Jeff Hardy.

The Hardy Boyz is one of the greatest tag teams in the history of the business. Between WWE and IMPACT Wrestling, Matt and Jeff Hardy have won ten tag team championships. Their resume is undeniable and has etched their legacies, but coming to AEW would open the door for another chapter to be written.

AEW has one of the best tag team divisions. The Young Bucks, The Lucha Brothers, FTR, and Proud N Powerful would all be captivating matchups for Hardy Boyz. The possibilities for them in AEW are truly amazing to think about. This is why a Hardy Boyz reunion is the biggest reason why Jeff should join AEW.

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