5 Wrestlers who worked regular jobs before signing with AEW

5 wrestlers who worked regular jobs before signing with AEW
5 wrestlers who worked regular jobs before signing with AEW

#2. AEW Star 'Hangman' Adam Page

Adam Page joined AEW in 2019 after wrestling in a few different promotions for nearly eleven years. Like the previous entries on this list, Page had a regular job before becoming a full-time pro-wrestler.

Page was born and raised in Virginia. He graduated with a bachelor's degree from Virginia Tech. Despite majoring in communications with an emphasis on film, the current AEW Star did not want to go to Hollywood. Instead, he wanted to pursue a pro-wrestling career.

In his early wrestling days, Page knew he had to get a full-time job to support himself. After graduating, the 30-year-old became a high school teacher. The former AEW World Tag Team Champion taught graphic design, multimedia, and journalism.

Nearly three years before signing his AEW contract, Page's life changed when he joined The Bullet Club.

"My life did a 180 when I joined Bullet Club. Joining Bullet Club opened the door to New Japan for me. It made me more valuable. I probably got the news in April [2016] and I joined in May, so I threw my papers in the air and left my teaching job because I knew I was going to be wrestling full time. It totally changed my life," he told ESPN.

Since joining AEW, Page has become one of its biggest stars. In January 2020, he joined forces with Kenny Omega to defeat SoCal Uncensored and capture his first and only title so far in AEW, the World Tag Team Championships. They held the titles for 228 days before losing them to FTR. Following their loss, Page and Omega separated.

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