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AEW Dark Results - Former WWE Superstar wrestles first match after signing contract, Massive main event and more (22nd September 2020)

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#4. Will Hobbs vs. Serpentico on AEW Dark

Serpentico started hot as he took the fight to Will Hobbs on AEW Dark. However, Hobbs is a tank, and his power was just too much for Serpentico to overcome. Will sent Serpentico flying over the top rope before sending him crashing into the barricades.

Hobbs was in control as he slammed Serpentico at will. Serpentico did mount a comeback with some strikes and kicks - one of which sent Hobbs to the outside. Serpentico connected with two double stomps, for which he got a two-count.

Serpentico kicked Hobbs in the head as the latter attempted to get back on his feet. Serpentico went for the running crossbody only to get swatted in mid-air by Hobbs, who finished the match with a massive spinebuster on AEW Dark.

Result: Will Hobbs def. Serpentico on AEW Dark

#5. Dontae Smiley & Maxx Stardom vs. The Lucha Brothers on AEW Dark

Stardom and Fenix kicked off the fifth match on the latest AEW Dark episode. The Lucha Brother got out the Camel Clutch to begin the bout. Penta came into the ring following a tag and Stardom was sent flying over the ropes. The Lucha Brothers made a few tags before Penta landed a double foot stomp from the top.


Penta continued to work on Stardom, and he had the man in his control with a Snapmare takedown before tagging in Fenix. Chops and forearm smashes came in from Fenix. Stardom finally fought back before making the hot tag to Dontae Smiley.

Dontae took on Fenix and Penta. He laid out Penta with the Manhattan Drop. Stardom also looked to attack Penta from the top rope, but the Lucha Bro got his foot up at the right time. He then hit Stardom with a pump handle driver.

Stardom was hit with the Package driver for the finish.

Result: The Lucha Brothers def. Dontae Smiley & Maxx Stardom on AEW Dark

#6. Ryzin & Xander Gold vs. Dark Order's 5 & 10 on AEW Dark

Five and Gold kicked things off in the match with an arm drag stalemate. Five delivered a Lariat to get control.

Ryzin and 10 got into the ring after the respective tags were made. Ryzin got some early success with a heel kick. 10 responded with the chops.


5 and 10 got down to the basics and kept Ryzin in their corner with some outstanding tag team wrestling. Ryzin, however, had some fight in him as he hit a falling neck breaker. He, however, missed a moonsault but it was enough to get 5 and Gold into the ring.

An athletic Gold leapt over 5 before hitting him with a spear. Gold hit the ropes, but 10 blind tagged himself into the match and hit Ryzin with a spinebuster. 10 caught Gold in mid-air while he was attempting a crossbody. 5 then hit the diving stomp before transitioning to the power slam for the win.

Result: Dark Order's 5 & 10 def. Ryzin & Xander Gold on AEW Dark

#7. Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss vs. Kevin Blackwood & Daniel Garcia on AEW Dark

Joey and Garcia kicked off the match with a lockup in the middle of the ring. The back-and-forth feeling-out process ended with Janela hitting the running back elbow.

Kiss came in, and they hit the double team arm drag move. Kiss then dropped Garcia with an Atomic Drop. Kevin Blackwood got the tag and squared off against Kiss. They missed a few kicks, but Kiss landed a dropkick to get the better of the exchange.


Garcia got tagged in and gained the momentum for his team by laying out Kiss. Blackwood entered the ring after another tag, and he connected with a running uppercut.

Garcia and Blackwood worked on Sonny Kiss, who was locked in a bow and arrow stretch. Kevin and Daniel wore down Kiss, who finally created an opening by fighting out of a single-leg crab to tag Janela into the match.

Joey hit the Death Valley Driver on Blackwood. He sent Garcia and Blackwood to the outside before taking them out with a diving crossbody off the top. Janela connected with a brainbuster on Blackwood in the ring, which got him a two-count. Kiss got the tag. Janela laid out Garcia with a slam before Sonny executed the diving split leg drop for the three-count.

Result: Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss def. Kevin Blackwood & Daniel Garcia on AEW Dark

Published 23 Sep 2020, 08:08 IST
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