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AEW Dark Results: Former WWE Talent debuts with a massive performance, Big Star threatens to stop wrestling and more (13th October 2020)

AEW Dark.
AEW Dark.
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Excalibur and Taz welcomed the fans to the latest episode of AEW Dark, which featured 14 matches. The stacked show also had the AEW debut of former WWE NXT talent Nick Comoroto, who looked impressed in his first match on Dark. 

Elsewhere on the show, Vickie Guerrero revealed that her client Nyla Rose won't wrestle until the former AEW Women's Champions gets a title match against the current title-holder Hikaru Shida. Will the threat work out?

The 56th episode of AEW Dark; however, kicked off with a massive four-way showdown.

#1. The Blade vs. Evil Uno vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Jungle Boy (Four-way Match) on AEW Dark

The show kicked off with a massive four-way contest featuring representatives from four of the top teams of AEW. All men engaged in a brawl as Uno and Jungle Boy got things rolling. On the other side, Kazarian and Blade mixed things up with strikes.

Frankie Kazarian and Jungle Boy dumped the other two opponents out of the ring and engaged in a back-and-forth exchange, which ended in a stalemate. Blade pulled Jungle Boy out of the ring as Uno caught Frankie in a cradle pin.

Kazarian connected with a shot to the midsection followed by a knee lift on Uno. Blade came in and attacked Kazarian.

Jungle Boy got into the action as he took out Uno and Blade with some eye-catching athleticism. Kazarian and Jungle Boy were now in the ring, but Uno broke it up and sent Frankie near the apron. Uno connected with a chop followed by a splash in the corner. He delivered a vertical suplex, followed by the lateral press. In the meantime, Kazarian and Blade fought on the outside. Blade and Uno were in the ring, and Blade took Uno off his feet with a crossbody. The two men exchanged rights and lefts. Jungle Boy and Kazarian came in, and all hell broke loose. Uno and Blade worked in tandem for a few seconds, but they got taken out by Kazarian's double clothesline.


Jungle Boy picked up the pace as he took Uno out on the outside with a suicide dive. Kazarian laid out Jungle Boy before all four men got involved in a series of quick moves. Evil Uno delivered a nasty neck breaker on Jungle Boy for a near fall.

Blade dropped Uno down with a powerbomb followed by a pump kick. Kazarian took Blade out with a DDT. Jungle Boy and Kazarian countered each other with a double crossbody. All four men were down again.

Kazarian and Jungle Boy were perched up on the top rope; however, Blade took Kazarian down before going up himself. Uno knocked all three men down to the mat. 

Jungle Boy sneaked in and caught Uno in a jackknife pin for the win on AEW Dark.


Result: Jungle Boy def. Frankie Kazarian, Evil Uno, and The Blade on AEW Dark

Grade: A-

The Dark Order came out and attacked Jungle Boy after the match. Butcher hit the ring to pull Blade to safety. Marko Stunt rushed out with a kendo stick. Christopher Daniels was also in attendance as the babyfaces looked to level the playing field.

Luchasuarus came out last, and The Dark Order finally retreated. SCU and The Jurassic Express ended the post-match AEW Dark segment on a high.

#2. Lee Johnson & Cezar Bononi vs. The Lucha Brothers on AEW Dark

Pentagon kicked things off with Cezar Bononi. The Lucha Bro rocked Bononi with a low kick. He got taken out with a big shoulder tackle before Fenix tagged himself into the match.

Cezar was on top as he dropped Fenix with a big slam. Lee Johnson got tagged in, but The Lucha Bros got the advantage with a double team move.

Bononi came in and showed off his freakish power by dropping both the Lucha Bros down to the mat at the same time. Lucha Bros tipped the scales in their favor with The Punisher on Bononi.


Johnson got back into the match, and he took Fenix out with a dive on the outside. Bononi slammed Penta into the corner for a near fall. Pentagon was in a bad spot as Johnson was back in, and he had him in the fireman's carry position.

Penta countered with a sling blade. Fenix neutralized Bononi before the Lucha Bros focussed on Johnson. They hit the spike package driver on Johnson for the win on AEW Dark.

Result: The Lucha Bros def. Lee Johnson & Cezar Bononi on AEW Dark

Grade: C

#3. Peter Avalon vs. Brandon Cutler on AEW Dark

Avalon attacked Cutler before the match began before taking the mic and demanding the referee to declare him the winner by forfeit on AEW Dark, which would have been his first win in AEW.

Cutler still had some life in him as he crawled his way into the ring, and the match kicked off. Avalon continued to dish out the punishment. He took Cutler out with the martinis from the middle rope.

Cutler was laid out on the outside, and Avalon wanted the referee to count his opponent out. Cutler came back in and went back down to the mat with a side suplex.


Avalon seemed to be enjoying putting Cutler through all the pain as he had him in a single leg Boston crab. Cutler broke the hold by reaching out for the ropes. Cutler created some separation with an enziguri. He followed it up with a few chops as Avalon see-sawed in between the ropes.

Avalon used Leva Bates to get control of the match. Cutler, however, soared through the air and took Avalon out with a suicide dive.

Back in the ring, Cutler delivered the springboard elbow for a 2-fall. A few countered moves ended with Avalon dropping Cutler with a urinagi for a near fall.

Cutler got another near fall with an impressive reverse DDT. However, Peter poked Cutler in the eye before driving him into the mat for another near fall. Avalon then took a hardcover book in his hand. Cutler ducked, and the referee got caught in the scuffle. Cutler connected with a big gutbuster move, but a dazed Rick Knox wasn't in the right state of mind to execute the pin.

Cutler ripped off pages from the book. Avalon and Cutler attacked each other with the polyhedral die and the book at the same time. The match ended in a double DQ on AEW Dark.

Result: Peter Avalon vs. Steve Cutler ends in a double DQ

Grade: A

Sonny Kiss cut a backstage promo ahead of the match against Matt Sydal, which was up next on AEW Dark.

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Published 14 Oct 2020, 07:43 IST
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