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AEW Dark Results - Top tag team to break up forever if they lose again, Massive upset, Star debuts new theme song - 22nd December 2020

AEW Dark.
AEW Dark.
Modified 23 Dec 2020, 10:33 IST
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Excalibur and Taz welcomed the fans to a 'massive' edition of AEW Dark. This week's Dark featured some big names and matches, and it all got underway with a tag team contest.

#1. Bear Country vs. Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus of the Jurassic Express (w/ Marko Stunt) on AEW Dark

Jungle Boy and Bear Bronson kicked things off with a collar and elbow tie-up. Jungle Boy flipped out of a tricky predicament to deliver two dropkicks as Bronson made the tag to Bear Boulder.

Luchasaurus got the tag on the other end, and the giants threw hands in the middle of the ring. Bronson was back in, and he got the patented kick combination from Luchasaurus.

Jungle Boy was tagged in, and they executed the Cazadora-Flatliner combo followed by the Assisted Senton. Bronson kicked out at one.

Bronson shifted the match in his favor by dropping Jungle Boy on his head with a T-bone suplex. Jungle Boy was in a world of trouble now as Boulder connected with various strikes in the corner. Boulder laid out Jungle Boy with a significant back body drop.

Jungle Boy tried to create some separation with a few clubbing blows before making the hot tag to Luchasaurus.

Luchasaurus delivered the German suplex on Bronson, followed by the kip-up. Boulder came in and ate a few chops. Luchasaurus dropped Boulder with a clothesline. He then delivered a chokeslam followed by a standing moonsault on Bronson for a 2-count. Boulder broke the pinfall as Jungle Boy was back in the ring.


Bronson nailed Jungle Boy's head right into Luchasaurus; a move called the Monster Driver. Boulder got the tag, and he delivered a middle-rope moonsault for a near fall. Boulder then lifted Bronson on his shoulders, but Luchasaurus incredibly came flying and delivered the Doomsday Device. Holy s***!

Luchasaurus took Boulder out of the equation with a hook kick and clothesline. Bronson was left alone in the ring, and Jurassic Express connected with a kick combination to end the AEW Dark match.

Result: Jurassic Express def. Bear Country on AEW Dark

Grade: A

Another week, and Bear Country push another top AEW tag team to the limit. Bronson and Boulder are surely getting full-time AEW contracts soon.

#2. Nyla Rose vs. Tesha Price on AEW Dark


Price offered the handshake, and Nyla Rose obliged by almost squeezing her opponent's hand into a pulp.

Tesha got some early success with a few strikes and a high round kick in the corner. Tesha Price showed a lot of resilience, but Nyla Rose rocked her down with a big forearm strike.

Nyla Rose picked Tesha up and dropped her back down with the Samoan Drop. Rose continued to punish Price with two gutbusters followed by the fallaway slam. The splash in the corner followed with the clothesline coming in next. Nyla Rose pulled out the running knee from her arsenal of moves, but she wasn't done dishing out the punishment.

Nyla Rose positioned Tesha on top of the rope before going up to the top turnbuckle. She went flying across the ring and delivered the knee to the back of Price's head.

Result: Nyla Rose def. Tesha Price on AEW Dark

Grade: C

#3. Sonny Kiss vs. Miro (w/ Kip Sabian) on AEW Dark

Miro kicked the match off with a high round kick to Sonny Kiss' head. Miro was in the mood to finish it off early with the Game Over.


However, Kiss stunned Miro with a roundhouse kick followed by a step-up hurricanerana. Sonny Kiss slapped Miro across the face, and the former WWE star was livid.

Sonny was still on a roll with a hurricanerana and a 2-count. Miro responded by catching Sonny Kiss at the side of the temple.

Miro locked in the Game Over and forced Sonny Kiss to tap out. Miro had full extension on the submission hold, making it even more painful for Kiss.

Result: Miro def. Sonny Kiss on AEW Dark

Grade: C

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Published 23 Dec 2020, 09:51 IST
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