AEW Dynamite Results: Former world champion returns to attack Jon Moxley, major betrayal involving former WWE authority figure, two title matches

Hangman Adam Page returned on AEW Dynamite
AEW Dynamite was full of twist and turns this week.

Welcome to the results for AEW Dynamite. This week's episode emanated from the Indiana Farmers Coliseum in Indianapolis, Indiana.

A former world champion returned to confront Jon Moxley, while MJF betrayed former WWE NXT authority figure William Regal in an unexpected betrayal. Lucha Brothers and the Elite squared off yet again in their series, and a lot more happened.

Without any delay, let's jump into the results.

Jon Moxley opens AEW Dynamite

#Hangman @theadampage is BACK! And he's making a direct beeline for @JonMoxley!Tune in to #AEWDynamite LIVE on TBS!

The three-time AEW world champion opened the show with a promo. He stated that nobody in the locker room has his grit and toughness, and nobody can stand up to him.

This prompted Hangman Adam Page’s music to play as the Millennial Cowboy made his way to the ring. The two wasted no time in getting physical before security was forced to separate them.

Bryan Danielson vs. Dax Harwood on AEW Dynamite

.@bryandanielson and @DaxFTR trading vicious chops in the corner!#AEWDynamite is LIVE on TBS right now!

As expected, the two technical wizards started the match with chain wrestling. Dax tried to apply the Sharpshooter, but Danielson used his left leg to block the attempt. The American Dragon rolled out of the ring to regroup.

Back inside the ring, the FTR member chopped Danielson in the corner. He hit a crossbody for a one-count, but Danielson tossed him outside the ring and hit a suicide dive. Dax was in control throughout the commercial break as he delivered vicious uppercuts.

Danielson tried to fight back, but Dax hit three back-to-back German suplexes. He missed a flying headbutt, allowing Danielson to hit a knee strike off the apron. The former WWE Champion went to the top rope, but Dax cut him off. Danielson countered and delivered a back suplex off the top rope.

They traded blows in the center of the ring and wore each other out with lariats. Dax caught Danielson’s kick, but he eventually hit it for a nearfall. Danielson went for the Busaiku knee, but Dax caught him for a springboard Liger bomb.

Dax applied the Sharpshooter, but Danielson made it to the bottom rope. After trading roll-ups, Danielson applied the LeBell Lock for the submission win.

Result: Bryan Danielson def. Dax Harwood

Grade: A

AR Fox challenges Samoa Joe for the TNT Championship

Newly crowned TNT Champion, and current #ROH World TV Champion @SamoaJoe puts the TNT title on the line in an open challenge on #AEWDynamite LIVE on TBS right now!

AR Fox ate several quick strikes and kicks in the corner to start the match. Joe then headbutted Fox, but the latter hit an enziguri. Fox hit a pump kick at ringside, but Joe swept him off his feet before hitting a running senton.

The Samoan Submission Machine continued to dominate as he got a nearfall with a huge slam. Fox got in some offense and delivered a 450 Splash for a nearfall. However, his revival was short-lived as Joe regained control and hit the Muscle Buster to retain the title.

Result: Samoa Joe def. AR Fox

Grade: C+

MJF and William Regal address the crowd

.@RealKingRegal is here to introduce the NEW #AEW World Champion @The_MJF!#AEWDynamite is LIVE on TBS!

MJF promised to explain how he and William Regal united. The newly crowned champion then read out an email from Regal he received after the Firm attacked him.

MJF then admitted that he met Regal behind closed doors to plot the world title win. MJF derided the AEW World Championship belt before tossing it out of the ring, and Regal unveiled a new belt.

MJF took shots at Eddie Kingston, calling him a fake tough guy and claiming that the likes of Eddie and Ricky Starks will never be world champions.

After talking more, MJF decked Regal from behind in the neck despite the veteran having neck issues. The champ told Regal that he only hires top-tier talent/athletes before leaving the ring with the new belt.

Ricky Starks takes on Ari Daivari

An #Absolute statement made by @starkmanjones with a dominant victory over @AriyaDaivari!Tune in to #AEWDynamite LIVE on TBS!

Matt Hardy, Ethan Page, and Stokely Hathaway made their way to the ramp before the match got underway.

Daivari used a distraction to jumpstart, but it made little difference as Starks hit the spear and Roshambo for the win.

Result: Ricky Starks def. Ari Daivari

Grade: D

Willow Nightingale vs. Anna Jay on AEW Dynamite

Willow hit a couple of shoulder tackles before dropping Anna Jay with lariats. She hit a side slam and a low crossbody for an early pinfall attempt. The JAS member ducked a forearm strike and hit a flipping neck breaker off the top rope.

,@willowwrestles trying to put away @annajay___ with a huge spinebuster!Tune in to #AEWDynamite LIVE on TBS!

Back from the break, both women traded forearm strikes. Willow hit a high boot before nailing a spine buster. It earned her a nearfall as she went for a lariat. Anna Jay ducked and hit a neck breaker for a close two count.

Willow powered out of the Queenslayer, but a distraction from Tay Melo allowed Anna to get in a roll-up attempt for a nearfall. Willow finally hit a gutwrench powerbomb for the win.

Ruby Soho made her AEW return after the match to attack Tay Melo. She hit the Destination Unknown on the ramp to close out the segment.

Result: Willow Nightingale def. Anna Jay

Grade: D

The Elite vs. Lucha Death Triangle in the AEW Trios Championship series

The main event saw two of the biggest trios in the company collide in the third match of their series. The Elite attacked the Death Triangle on the ramp itself.

#AEW World Trios Champions #DeathTriangle @BASTARDPAC @PENTAELZEROM @ReyFenixMx have their entrance violently interrupted by #TheELITE!It’s #AEWDynamite LIVE on TBS!

It was a typical Elite vs. Death Triangle match with spots at ringside as Rey Fenix and Penta argued over the use of the hammer. Kenny Omega dominated Penta inside the ring as he hit a powerbomb and a V-Trigger.

The Death Triangle combined to take out all three members of the Elite. Penta hit the Fear Factor on Omega for a nearfall. Chaos ensued as all six men got inside the ring again. PAC hit an avalanche Falcon Arrow on Omega for a nearfall.

Back from the commercial, PAC and Omega traded moves before both men collapsed on the mat. Rey Fenix and Nick Jackson got the hot tags as both men showcased their athleticism.

Matt Jackson tagged in as the Bucks double-teamed and hit the More Bang for your Buck. PAC made the save as the Bucks lined up a BTE Trigger. All six men went inside the ring again and traded moves again. After more moves and chaos, the AEW EVPs emerged victorious.

Result: The Elite def. Death Triangle on AEW Dynamite main event

Grade: B

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