Watch: AEW stars take a major shot at WWE's main roster plans for Adam Cole 

Adam Cole debuted for AEW at All Out 2021
Adam Cole debuted for AEW at All Out 2021

AEW's The Dark Order members John Silver and Alex Reynolds poked fun at WWE's plans to change Adam Cole's name on the latest episode of Being The Elite.

Episode 277 of the smash-hit YouTube show aired a few hours ago and featured plenty of memorable moments. However, the funniest bit was the shots fired at WWE's plans to change Adam Cole's name on the main roster during his run in the company.

John Silver and Alex Reynolds were trying to strike up a friendship with Adam Cole, but the former NXT Champion was in no mood to talk to them. Silver and Reynolds then suggested that Cole should change his name in AEW to stand apart.

The two also name-dropped WWE SmackDown commentator Michael Cole, asking Adam Cole if they were brothers. Silver and Reynolds then pitched a few names like "Budge" and "Muff Flanagan" to Cole, but he was least interested.

Before The Dark Order members could pitch more names, Cole walked away. You can check out the bit featuring Adam Cole and The Dark Order from 12:45 in the video below:

Silver and Reynolds also took a shot at Adam Cole's WWE plans last week also

On last week's Being The Elite, The Dark Order members took a dig at WWE's plans for Adam Cole on the main roster. The Dark Order members advised Cole to shave his hair, an idea WWE reportedly had for the AEW star.

Silver and Reynolds making fun of Adam Cole's WWE main roster plans seems to have become a recurring joke. Fans can expect another funny exchange between Cole and the duo on next week's edition of the show.

Adam Cole was also rumored to work as Keith Lee's manager in WWE. Silver and Reynolds could take this as the basis to take their next dig at the company.

Did you like the interaction between Adam Cole and The Dark Order on Being the Elite? Sound off in the comments section below.

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