AEW is 'The Mighty Mouse' of pro wrestling

AEW has been terrific since their debut, but they are still the little man in a very big fight.
AEW has been terrific since their debut, but they are still the little man in a very big fight.
Ryan K Boman

AEW owner Tony Khan is here to save the day. At least, that's what he has led us to believe.

When AEW debuted in late 2019, Khan promised that he had the potential to deliver a product that would eventually rival WWE. And in many, MANY ways, he has done just that.

While AEW had fewer overall viewers on Friday night when it went straight up with the Smackdown over-run on FS-1, many observers have declared the night a victory for All Elite Wrestling. Particularly in certain demographics.

Dave Meltzer says that, overall, Friday was a win for AEW,and that WWE needs to focus on a new strategy.

First half hour of the show I went into what the key changes WWE needs to make, not to survive because it's a lock they will, but to change their popularity trajectory…

Regardless of their skeptics, AEW has become legitimate competition for the industry leader. And while they may be considered the little guy, they pack a powerful punch when they want to bring it.

In many ways, AEW is the 'Mighty Mouse of Pro Wrestling'. They are the little guy who is flexing their muscles and punching a giant in the mouth. And much like the cartoon superhero, they have become a favorite among young fans.

While WWE still out-draws in terms of total viewership and (most definitely) has a much higher revenue, they are losing the battle when it comes to drawing younger fans. The average WWE watcher is typically a lot older than the AEW audience.

"I AM focused on the wrestling."@TonyKhan discusses @AEW winning key demos in head-to-head competition last week 👀@davidlagreca1 #AEW #AEWDynamite #AEWRampage

Tony Khan is clearly a young owner with his finger on the pulse of what a new generation wants. WWE can sometimes seem old and stale. And even to veteran viewers, there's a fresh appeal to what All Elite Wrestling is doing right now. No matter how many 'haters' may want to dispute that.

Khan and company have an underdog appeal that has reached a certain audience. And while some people may call it a 'niche' crowd, that same crowd is incredibly loyal to the product. That's important as they continue to grow.

With a bevy of breakout stars like Jungle Boy, MJF, and several others, they have a younger vibe than their competition. Which is likely the reason they are defeating WWE in terms of the coveted 18-49 demographic.

It's too early to call Tony Khan the superhero of pro wrestling. But he's certainly put on his cape and has flown in to give us all hope that he can lead a revolution.

What do you think of the current battle between AEW and WWE? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Edited by Anirudh B

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