Bobby Lashley should face a soon-to-be free agent if Bray Wyatt backs out of WrestleMania 39

Bobby Lashley could revisit his historic feud with this star if Bray Wyatt doesn
Bobby Lashley could revisit his historic feud with this star if Bray Wyatt doesn't make it to WrestleMania.

Bobby Lashley has been in the midst of a feud with Bray Wyatt for quite some time now, but after recent reports, it seems that Wyatt might miss WrestleMania 39. In light of Brian Cage's possible upcoming free agency, now might be the best time for the two to revisit their feud.

Bobby Lashley and Brian Cage had a memorable feud back in 2018 when both stars were signed to IMPACT Wrestling. Notably, Cage never lost to Lashley, meaning the two could still have some unfinished business left between each other.

With the 46-year-old WWE Superstar possibly needing an epic opponent to clash with at WrestleMania 39, The Machine might be exactly who he needs. Cage would revitalize his career with a WrestleMania debut, and even allow Bobby Lashley to enjoy fresh competition in WWE.


Notably, Fightful Select reported that Brian Cage turned down a contract extension offer from AEW, but this doesn't necessarily mean he won't eventually have a better offer. Despite this, many still hold the belief that he will end up returning to WWE.

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Brian Cage might not ever face Bobby Lashley, but his booking in AEW has been the subject of a ton of criticism

Fans have been clamoring for Brian Cage to be better handled in AEW for nearly two years, especially after his feud with Rickie Starks. Unfortunately, his handling has yet to improve even after returning to television.

Wardlow and Brian Cage turning up 📈(via @AEW)

During an episode of Keepin' It 100, Konnan questioned why Tony Khan has only been utilizing Cage in matches where he ends up losing.

“Yeah, let’s give the guy something because everybody likes him and we’re not doing anything with him. But yet he always goes on the show and he loses. That’s all he ever does is lose. Good match. Loses. You’re diluting the guy, bro.” [14:09 onward]

If the reports are accurate, The Machine might have had enough of how AEW has been using him, and fans might just get to see him resume his feud with Bobby Lashley.

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