Brie Bella debuts; Former WWE couple reunites; AJ Lee shows up - 5 AEW Mixed Tag Team matches that should happen in 2023

Could these former WWE couples reunite in AEW?
Could these former WWE couples reunite in AEW?

AEW does not utilize mixed-tag stipulations too often, but when they do, it usually results in entertaining segments. In the past, we've seen the likes of Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet vs Jade Cargill & Shaquille O'Neal main-eventing Dynamite. We also saw Adam Cole and real-life partner Britt Baker take on Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander last year.

With so many talented men and women on the AEW roster, it will be interesting to witness multiple new partnerships blossom, whether they are already real-life couples or not.

There are a number of tag combinations that AEW owner Tony Khan can play around with, as long as it makes sense within the context of the story. It is also a great way to put over female talent in AEW when they are featured in more high-profile matches. Here are five mixed-tag team matches we'd love to see happen in the company in 2023.

#5. Saraya and Zak Zodiac vs Britt Baker and Adam Cole

Cheeeeese! Post match photo! Future @luchalibreaaa Mixed tag team champions 👊🏼

As mentioned above, real-life AEW couple Adam Cole and Britt Baker have teamed up on Dynamite before. As two decorated wrestlers in their own right, it's a wonder why BAY-BAY and the Good Doctor have not appeared together on television more. They could easily be the company's biggest power couple since Cody and Brandi Rhodes, running their respective main event scenes.

Before Saraya made her mark in All Elite Wrestling and WWE, she first rose to prominence thanks to the UK documentary Fighting With My Family, which featured her wrestling family.

The Knights are mainstays on the British independent wrestling scene and their incredible life story inspired The Rock to adapt it into a well-received motion picture starring Hollywood star Florence Pugh.

Saraya's older brother, Zak Zodiac, is a big part of her upbringing in wrestling, as both a rival and tag partner. Having appeared in the crowd at AEW Full Gear this past November, it won't be outside the realm of possibility to see him join Tony Khan's promotion in the near future.

With Saraya's ongoing rivalry with DMD, it would be an awesome payoff to see the Knights battle Cole and Baker on a future Dynamite in 2023.

#4. Former AEW Champion Jon Moxley and Renee Paquette vs. Eddie Kingston and Ruby Soho

WON: Jon Moxley and Renee Paquette were really sick this past week.Renee missed TV and Moxley was feeling really bad the day before, but went to TV because he knew he was supposed to be there for the Regal stuff and the story of them keeping the BCC together as a group.

Eddie Kingston and Ruby Soho have been presented as allies on AEW television. During The Mad King's rivalry with Chris Jericho, The Ocho ordered his Jericho Appreciation Society members to attack the former WWE Superstar as a way to get in the head of the New Yorker.

They even once faced each other in an intergender match during their Chikara days. It's clear they have a history and connection that can be parlayed into in-ring chemistry.

It's also well-known that former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and backstage presenter Renee Paquette are a married couple. While Renee has not officially wrestled a match before and has had no prior wrestling training, it would be cool to see her team up with her husband if it was a one-off occasion.

Mox and Kingston are, of course, best friends and former rivals. Putting the two pairings together as a way to rekindle their past feud could work as long as the three pro wrestlers can do the legwork to compensate for Renee's inexperience.

#3. Brie Bella and Bryan Danielson vs. CM Punk and AJ Lee

How would you feel if the WWE inducted AJ lee and CM Punk and they accepted the offer? 🧐

Imagine these two former WWE power couples appearing in the ring in AEW. Bryan Danielson and Brie Bella have wrestled together in the past during their feud with The Miz and Maryse. The YES couple have been featured together in multiple WWE segments over the last decade. Who can forget the American Dragon's battle against The Authority?

Interestingly, CM Punk and AJ Lee were involved in many segments together in 2012, a few years before they started dating and eventually got married. The Straightedge Superstar was the WWE Champion back then while AJ Lee was in the midst of her "Crazy Chick" gimmick.

One can imagine they would have made a formidable in-ring partnership. Tony Khan could create a dream match scenario by pitting the YES Couple against the "Pipebomb Duo".

#2. Lana and Miro vs. Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford

Fightful Select reports Miro and Lana have been in New York working on a television product for a CBS pilot show. In addition, Miro has done some more film work during his time off from the ring. The man is living the dream. I'm so happy for him.

Miro first debuted in AEW in 2020 as the "Best Man" to Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. He would eventually outgrow the gimmick and part ways with the Englishman, finding success as the "Redeemer".

Lana didn't join her husband in All Elite Wrestling. However, she was his manager in WWE when he was known as the Bulgarian Brute, Rusev. They were a wonderful heel act from their time in NXT to their initial main roster run, which culminated at WrestleMania 31 against John Cena.

While Lana is still a free agent, Tony Khan could easily reunite the married couple together on AEW Dynamite and have a decent one-off match with Sabian and Ford.

#1. Kenny Omega and Riho vs. Adam Cole and Britt Baker

Speaking of AEW roster members holding strong, Britt Baker & Adam Cole remain well in the mix on the Women's Top 10 and AEW Top 10 Heavyweights rankings, respectively.PHOTO BY JAYLEE PHOTOGRAPHY

When All Elite Wrestling first started, Kenny Omega had a big hand in building the women's division. It's common knowledge that The Cleaner regularly teamed up with Riho during their time in Japan.

Both Omega and Adam Cole were once part of the Bullet Club together. Having them in a feud would be a great way to play up their history. This could also lead to an exciting match-up between Omega and Riho and real-life couple Baker and Cole.

The inaugural Owen Hart Cup winners should be the babyfaces in this bout, judging by recent reactions from the fans. While Omega is comfortable as a villain, it will be interesting to see perennial underdog Riho shower a darker side to her character.

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