Chris Jericho: "We're having fun in AEW and it shows" [Exclusive]

AEW star Chris Jericho is the self-proclaimed Demo God!
AEW star Chris Jericho is the self-proclaimed Demo God!
Gary Cassidy

Sportskeeda meets Chris Jericho

Our interview with the "Demo God" Chris Jericho continues below...

Chris Jericho says he's having more fun than ever in AEW
Chris Jericho says he's having more fun than ever in AEW

So, we mentioned it a few times. Fans. AEW had fans back in last week. Real fans, people actually sitting in seats. 500 sounded like 50,000 because of how loud they were. Obviously, WWE has brought in the ThunderDome.

Do you have any thoughts on the ThunderDome - and maybe Kenny Omega's "appearance" in the ThunderDome last week?

I think it's a great idea, it looks great and they desperately needed it.

Whenever you give wrestling fans a rope, they're gonna hang themselves, so... I don't think Kenny was really there or you know all these people that they have. Just go and have fun, enjoy the show.

It's like something out of Black Mirror or The Running Man. it's very strange. It does look great but, once again, you cannot replace a live crowd. I would much rather have 500 real fans than 1,000 TV screen fans, and I bet you the WWE agree with that. But, having said that, I think it looks great and good for them.


So, back to All Out. We mentioned Orange Cassidy but I want to ask you about someone else. You mentioned earlier Chris Jericho has been probably one of the biggest heels in AEW. Another is someone who may become World Champion this weekend - MJF.

What are Chris Jericho's thoughts on MJF? Would you like to see him hold the title?

I think MJF is great. He is wise beyond his years, he's experienced beyond his experience, so to speak, in the ring and he's a great heel, he's a great talker.

He's still learning a little bit about his character, how far he can go either way with the goofiness of it but, whether he's the Champion this week or not, either way, he's worthy of that spot. And he's in the main event of our pay-per-view that people are going to pay to see so it doesn't matter if he wins or not, so hopefully he wins.

If he doesn't, it's just another step to making him a top draw for AEW. He's done so much of it on his own and now being put in that position of being in the main event and possibly winning the Championship, that does nothing but good for him, for Moxley, and for our company.

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