Chris Jericho: "We're having fun in AEW and it shows" [Exclusive]

AEW star Chris Jericho is the self-proclaimed Demo God!
AEW star Chris Jericho is the self-proclaimed Demo God!

Sportskeeda meets Chris Jericho

Our interview with the "Demo God" Chris Jericho continues below...

Chris Jericho was number three on this year's PWI 500
Chris Jericho was number three on this year's PWI 500

On that note, Jon Moxley was recently named at the very top of the PWI 500. You were pretty close to the top as well. (Chris Jericho came in at number three)

Do you agree with Jon Moxley at number one?

I mean, I don't disagree with it.

I mean, I should be number one on every list ever published from now till the end of time but if it's not going to be me, I think it should be the guy who has made the biggest transition from WWE to AEW and also taking AEW directly on his back.

Again, he won the title about two weeks before a freaking pandemic shut everything down. So he's done a great job with that situation that he was put in.

I think I would put him at number one.

There's a couple other guys you could put in there but Mox has given his heart and soul to AEW, and he's a completely different performer than he ever was under any other name in any other company. And this is the guy that I think he always envisioned he could be and that I envisioned he could be when I started recruiting him to come to AEW a year and a half ago.

And I've got one final question. Chris Jericho, you've done absolutely everything. You know, musician, wrestler, entrepreneur, podcast host, actor. Absolutely everything. I'm not sure, but I don't think you've ever been a journalist so I want to turn the tables on you for something.

This week, I'm going to be on a conference call with Tony Khan. I'm going to be lazy and ask you - what should I ask Tony Khan? What would Chris Jericho be asking?

Well, first of all, I am a journalist. I have a degree in journalism and I wrote for the Winnipeg Free Press.

I completely forgot about the Winnipeg Free Press.

Listen, man. You're an interviewer. Okay, so you have to think of what it's for, I can't do your job for you. What I would ask Tony Khan is different from what you might want to ask him so...

I interviewed Tony Khan for Talk Is Jericho as well. So you have to figure out what interests you the most about him and listen to the conversation. Sometimes the questions that you might have get thrown away because what you're talking about is far more interesting but you have to be good enough of a journalist to understand that.

Don't be the guy that just has a list of questions. Listen to the answer, because you're too busy looking at question three, "What did you have for breakfast today? and he's giving you the cure for cancer, but you're not paying attention and cut him off and go to the next question. That's bad journalism!

I was really hoping you were gonna just tell me to ask him, "Can you give Chris Jericho a pay rise?" But that might be my question anyway.

Give me a what? Give Chris Jericho a what?

A pay rise.

Oh, a pay raise! It sounded like a pie rise. I was like, "What the hell are you talking about?"

That as well. That could be a good stipulation. We'll wait and see after the Mimosa Mayhem Match at AEW All Out this Saturday on Fite TV.

Thank you so much, Chris, it's been an absolute pleasure.

Cheers, brother. Appreciate it, man. Thank you!

A huge thank you to Chris Jericho for taking the time, and to Fite TV and All Elite Wrestling for facilitating the interview.

You can catch AEW All Out this Saturday on Fite TV if you reside outside the US, and on BR Live if you're in the US.

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