5 AEW stars who could be the first to beat CM Punk

Can MJF end CM Punk's winning streak in AEW?
Can MJF end CM Punk's winning streak in AEW?
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CM Punk is one of the most popular entities of pro wrestling. He is currently on a winning streak in AEW after defeating up-and-coming stars from the promotion.

Despite the initial ring rust, Punk has found his ground on Tony Khan's promotion. Be it, in a match, in commentary or in promos, fans can't get enough of him. This momentum can be efficiently capitalized by a good match-up between CM Punk and another capable star.

If someone breaks the former WWE Champion's winning streak, he will find himself under the spotlight. Since it could be a veteran or a rising star, here are five opponents who can take CM Punk down.

#5 CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston

An irate @MadKing1981 gets right in the face of @CMPunk! Tune in to #AEWRampage NOW on @tntdrama!

Recently, Bryan Danielson defeated Eddie Kingston in the semi-final match of the AEW World Title Eliminator tournament. Following the match, the latter stumbled onto CM Punk amidst an interview. This led to an exchange of hostile words with Eddie being called "unprofessional" by the 'Second City Saint'.

The altercation escalated to a challenge from Eddie Kingston, which was accepted by CM Punk. The match between them is scheduled for AEW Full Gear.

.@MadKing1981 makes the challenge to @CMPunk for #AEWFullGear and it all BREAKS DOWN! Watch #AEWRampage LIVE NOW on @tntdrama

If CM Punk wins, it will be a new chapter for the veteran, aided by a proper storyline. If Eddie prevails, he will finally be able to legitimately claim the respect he has been clamoring to get. Nonetheless, it's a win-win situation for the fans.

#4 CM Punk vs. Sting

CM Punk against Sting could be a very lucrative deal. The Hall of Famer has had a more meaningful run character than his time in WWE. Whenever he has appeared in a match, The Icon has stood out every time.

Sting had earlier shown respect for CM Punk after his first match in AEW. Once Punk is done with Kingston, he could challenge Sting for a once-in-a-lifetime match. If handled properly, the fresh feud can rival the success of CM Punk vs. The Undertaker in Wrestlemania 29.

#3 CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson and CM Punk each have made comebacks with AEW in the last month 🤯🤯🤯

In the past few months, the signings of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson garnered AEW a lot of attention. Having been immensely successful in their WWE tenures, both further enriched Tony Khan's roster.

While they have their own storyline going on, there is a high chance that the men will cross paths. Two WWE veterans coming back to a new environment to fight would be very interesting to watch. CM Punk's exceptional charisma would be in perfect contrast to Bryan Danielson, making the match-up one of the highlights of AEW.

#2 CM Punk vs. Darby Allin

CM Punk beats Darby Allin to win his first match in AEW 🔥Watch #AEWAllOut live in the B/R app:

After shunning pro wrestling for seven years, CM Punk made his grand return in August, that too in AEW Rampage. His first match was against one of the most enigmatic talents of AEW, Darby Allin. However, the former TNT Champion's agility could not prevail against Punk's perseverance, and the latter won his first-ever AEW match.

Needless to say, Darby Allin would love a renewal of their conflict to settle the score. Two straight-edge superstars fighting off would be a unique feud to explore. An interaction between the two, while also involving Sting, would make the storyline much more exciting.

#1 CM Punk vs. MJF

WOW, huge praise for MJF by TK! 25 years of age and you have young talent and veterans going to him for advice, that’s crazy! As well as him recommending talent like Statlander and others to TK. Kinda nice to hear what MJF is like outta character. #TheFuture #AEW

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, aka MJF, has been highly praised for being an exceptional heel. Despite his obnoxious gimmick, the Salt of the Earth's promo skills and in-ring expertise have earned him a sizable fan following. Veterans like Jim Ross and Chris Jericho have raved over the 25-year-old. Jericho said the following while discussing his former Inner Circle partner:

"He reminds me a lot of Kurt Angle. What I mean is, he's a guy that picked up wrestling so quick, not just in the ring, but character-wise. A lot of guys, 24 years old, don't understand that character is the most important thing in wrestling. It's more important than any move you can do or any match you can have. Max gets that. Combine that with the fact that I think he was a child actor and in musicals, all the sort of things you need to expand on that character. He also doesn't give a shit. He will do anything, to the point where we have to pull him back because you can't yell at the five-year-old kid at a signing and make him cry."

MJF has previously declared himself the top pillar out of 4 home-grown talents, with the other three being Sammy Guevara, Jungle Boy, and Darby Allin. This declaration could be used to spark a feud between CM Punk and him.

Putting Punk's experience against the likes of MJF could be an artistic treat to watch. The storyline between these two superstars could become one of the best feuds in AEW history. MJF winning against CM Punk would enrich his character arc, and the latter could elevate another rising star on the promotion.

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