Cody Rhodes leaving Twitter is another indication of how much he's fallen out favor with the fans

Cody Rhodes is no longer the 'golden boy' he was when AEW launched two years ago
Cody Rhodes is no longer the 'golden boy' he was when AEW launched two years ago

When AEW first came into existence over two years ago, Cody Rhodes was considered an avenging angel of pro wrestling, here to help lead the charge for a new generation.

And for quite a while? He was just that. Acting as the face of AEW's roster, he was known to make media appearances on the new promotion's behalf. With his well-mannered good looks and ability to articulate, he was able to convey that All Elite Wrestling would be fresh and different.

Then, when the company first launched, he was one of the most popular wrestlers both in and out of the ring. He had some classic battles that drew rave reviews. Particularly his classic match with his brother, Dustin, at Double or Nothing 2019.

@FiteTV Cody vs Dustin Rhodes at Double Or Nothing in 2019. Fantastic match, storytelling, and I got emotional after the match when Cody said he needs his brother

It seemed as if Cody was the hero that would always come riding into town to save the day. Much like his legendary father, he would never back down from a fight and be applauded for his courage.

Boy... How things have changed.

Over the course of the last few months, the AEW audience has taken on an odd dislike for the veteran star. Even though he is technically supposed to be a babyface, he has been getting booed by a majority of the crowd in his last several appearances.

It appeared to most fans and observers that the crowd had just grown tired of him, his act had gotten stale, and that he needed a change. Most people felt as if it was time for him to turn heel.

In a rather defiant move, Rhodes publicly stated that he didn't care what anyone said: He was NOT switching over from his babyface status. This didn't do any favors for his image. It made him look arrogant and obnoxious. Not as a character, but as a person in general.

And then, abruptly, Cody deleted his Twitter account.

Damn @CodyRhodes deleted his twitter!! 👀

He then went on Busted Open Radio and said he left Twitter because of "too much sniping and negativity." Sadly, this won't help his image either. This makes him look weak and unable to take criticism.

It's strange that in professional wrestling, the fans will often turn on a performer who is supposed to be a hero. Most of the time this is because they have grown overexposed in that role. That's the professional side of things.

It is also plausible that the audience gets a sense that even someone who is a 'good guy' on their TV screen, may not necessarily be the nicest guy off of it.

In Cody's case, it's probably a little bit of both. In the world of AEW, some fans think that he's held down talent and used his political power to continually push himself into a spotlight that others were more deserving.

There is a perception - whether true or not - that both he and his wife are snobbish and arrogant. Perhaps they have let all the success get to their heads.

Whatever is the case, Cody needs to do some rehabilitation to his overall image. Because he's losing a fanbase that once adored him.

What do you think of Cody Rhodes' situation right now? What do you think the immediate future holds for him? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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