Dominik Mysterio must turn on Rhea Ripley if WWE veteran returns to company after 5 years 

Dominik Mysterio (left), Rhea Ripley (right)
Dominik Mysterio (left), Rhea Ripley (right)

While Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley work in a near-perfect tandem at the moment, the entry of a WWE veteran in the scene could make Dominik turn on The Eradicator in the future.

Dominik and Rhea have been involved in a program since last year when the Mysterios first started their feud with The Judgment Day. The 25-year-old star turned heel for the first time in his career at Clash at the Castle 2022, joining hands with The Eradicator and going up against his own father.

Considering that the two superstars' alliance has been present for a while, WrestleMania 39 seems the perfect occasion to switch things up. If Dominik faces his father at the event and manages to come out on top, a fresh angle with Vickie Guerrero could be the way forward.

Vickie Guerrero has intimate ties to Rey's family, given her past with Eddie Guerrero and the Mysterios. She could talk sense into Dominik during a short appearance, turning him babyface again against Rhea Ripley.

As of now, it remains to be seen if Dominik will see past his clouded 'judgment' to possibly reunite with his father.

Vickie Guerrero could be a free agent soon and join WWE

While Vickie Guerrero is still signed to AEW, recent reports suggest she may soon be done with Tony Khan's promotion.

Vickie joined the Jacksonville-based company in 2019 as an on-screen manager. With her tenure seemingly coming to an end this year, a report by Fightful Select has stated that she and AEW have mutually decided not to renew her contract. This certainly leaves the door open for a return to WWE.

The veteran has years of experience managing stars to succeed. Her entry into the Stamford-based company could lead to several new storylines. However, only time will tell whether she will return to her former company in the future.

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