Who is Dominik Mysterio's biological father? The truth about the WWE star's childhood

Dominik Mysterio
Dominik Mysterio's character is inspired by Eddie Guerrero.

At the height of WWE's Ruthless Aggression Era in 2005, Dominik Mysterio was featured in an infamous storyline involving Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero, which revolved around who the 26-year-old's legitimate father was. The two competed in a 'Custody of Dominik' ladder match later that year at SummerSlam.

Chavo Guerrero sparked a personal rivalry between Eddie and Rey. He persuaded his uncle Eddie to challenge Mysterio at WrestleMania 21, which he lost, resulting in him getting frustrated against his friend and tag team partner.

The two stars soon started their rivalry, and the Mysterio family got involved. The Latino Heat believed that Dominik was his son, and that fact was kept a "secret" by Rey all along. The controversial storyline was that Dominik was the son of Guerrero, born out of wedlock, but got adopted by the Mysterios.

On the latest WWE SmackDown, Dominik Mysterio said he wished Eddie Guerrero was his biological father in an attempt to mock Rey Mysterio during his Hall of Fame induction announcement.

The young star's hatred for the luchador stems from the constant patronizing he was subjected to during his childhood, as per the storyline. In real life, Dom is Rey's son from his marriage to Angie Gutierrez.

The Judgment Day member portrays a heel character inspired by Eddie Guerrero. He often mimics the late star's taunts and moves, such as The Three Amigos (Triple Rolling Vertical Suplex).

Rhea Ripley caught on to the trend and adopted the 'Mami' nickname. Dom still uses the 619 finisher, a tiger feint kick move made famous by his father, Rey.

Dominik Mysterio wished Eddie Guerrero won the Ladder match at WWE SummerSlam

Eddie Guerrero's tragic passing in November 2005 was a huge blow to the wrestling world. The former world champion was an extraordinary athlete, and his Mexican personality was a treat to watch on screen.

Whether in storylines or in-ring action, the Latino Heat continues to be acknowledged by WWE to this day.

Rey Mysterio won the 'Custody of Dominik' ladder match at the 2005 SummerSlam. During an interview with Wrestling Inc., Dom said he wished his current storyline dad won the 2005 showdown against Rey.

"Yeah, 100%. And I mean, WWE storyline, he [Eddie Guerrero] is my dad. So, I would've loved to have gone home with Uncle Eddie at this point, right? I feel like we would've had a really good dynamic at home... I always tell people, I feel like Eddie and my dad slowly planted that seed of me becoming a wrestler without me even knowing when I was eight in that storyline," said Dominik.

Dominik Mysterio is rumored to fight Rey Mysterio at WWE WrestleMania 39. The bad blood between the son and father was paused last year when the latter shifted to SmackDown.

For several months, the rivalry has picked off now that Ex-Con Dom is being a menace to his real Papi.

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