Female ex-WWE Superstar to come out of retirement after 8 years and reunite with Dolph Ziggler in AEW? Exploring the possibility

Dolph Ziggler might shock the world by going to AEW
Dolph Ziggler might shock the world by going to AEW

WWE pulled off one of the shocks of the year by releasing former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler. The Showoff wasn’t the only one to be released, as Shelton Benjamin, Elias, and Riddick Moss, among others, were also let go.

Just as the news of Ziggler’s release hit, a host of big names were clamoring for him to make his move to AEW. Dolph’s younger brother, Ryan Nemeth, currently plies his trade there, and it should not come as a surprise if he does end up in Tony Khan’s promotion.

If Dolph does indeed make his way to AEW, then Tony should pull off the unthinkable and hire a former WWE talent who knows Ziggler very well. That is none other than former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee.

AJ Lee has not been an active wrestler for the last eight years, since leaving WWE in 2015. She currently works as a commentator for WOW (Women of Wrestling) and has made a name for herself out of the ring.

How can AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler reunite?

With Dolph Ziggler being a lady’s man, it should not be difficult for him to attract the women in AEW.

The one thing about Dolph and AJ is that the two have worked together in the past. Ziggler had one of the most historic moments of his career - cashing in his Money in the Bank contract in 2012 to win the World title with AJ by his side.


So, if and when The Showoff does come to AEW, we can be sure that he will go after the World Championship. The fact that he has never been a people pleaser should prompt Tony Khan to promote him as a heel and have him hunt down the title.

With someone like AJ Lee by his side, his quest for the World Title could be made all the more intriguing given CM Punk’s recent history with it.

As unlikely as it may seem, a heel duo of Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee will be good for business. In the process, it will also ensure that The Showoff finally gets the recognition he deserves.

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