3-time WWE Champion's wrestling future in Tony Khan's AEW to be disclosed soon

WWE World Title (left), Tony Khan (right)
WWE World Title (left), Tony Khan (right)

According to his brother Matt, former WWE star Jeff Hardy's fate in AEW will apparently be revealed soon.

Following a DUI incident in June, the Charismatic Enigma was arrested on multiple counts, including driving with a suspended license. According to Florida Highway Patrol officers, who arrested the former WWE star, he had a blood alcohol level of 0.291, well above Florida's legal limit of 0.08.

Shortly after the unfortunate incident, the three-time WWE World Champion was suspended indefinitely by Tony Khan without pay. The AEW President also stated that Hardy could only return if he completed his alcohol rehabilitation treatment and maintained his sobriety.

To no one's surprise, Jeff Hardy did not appear at the recent All Out pay-per-view. However, even his brother Matt Hardy was nowhere to be found on the show.

When questioned about it on social media, the Broken One had the following message before the pay-per-view started:

"It’s all good, @realcoachrosey. Tonight’s #AEWAllOut is gonna be an epic PPV. It’s a stacked @AEW card. We’re getting close to learning my brother’s future, so I’ll be taking a definitive direction soon. I’m extremely excited to get on a path so I can haul & kick a*s."

You can check out the full tweet here.

Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy need to bring this back

As of now, no fixed timeline is disclosed for the Charismatic Enigma's return. Fans will have to stay tuned to see when Hardy Boyz will reunite again in the future.

Fans had varied reactions to the former WWE Superstar's tweet

With Jeff out of action without a fixed return date, Matt Hardy's tweet indicating his imminent return sparked a response on social media.

Several fans commented on the proclamation by The Broken One, expressing their wish to see the Hardys back together.

@MATTHARDYBRAND @realcoachrosey @AEW Looking forward to seeing you back in the mix, be it tag or singles.
@MATTHARDYBRAND @realcoachrosey @AEW Jesus Christ, finally some news about your brother and you. Definitely happy to see you both, be back on the ring for maybe, one final run? So happy. And, as i see, you are in a great shape! So happy for the Hardy Family!
@breakingdead1 @MATTHARDYBRAND @AEW I just want to see them back.
@MATTHARDYBRAND @AEW I hope your brother is well and getting all the help he needs. Most of all, I hope he's happy and healthy~
@MATTHARDYBRAND @realcoachrosey @AEW Hope to see The Hardy Boyz as AEW Tag Team Champion 😭 you deserve it
@MATTHARDYBRAND @realcoachrosey @AEW How much longer until we hear about your brother? Hopefully all good news!!!

It seems that fans will have to wait a bit longer for the former WWE stars to resume their "Last run" in AEW.

Do you think Matt and Jeff Hardy will be teaming up for one last run? Sound off in the comments below!

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