33-year-old star says Cody Rhodes was "a little uneasy" before leaving AEW

Cody Rhodes
Former AEW EVP and current WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes

Current WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes left AEW early last year. One of his former colleagues recently shared her thoughts on the former TNT Champion leaving the Jacksonville-based promotion. The colleague is none other than Big Swole.

The American Nightmare shocked the wrestling world when he parted ways with the promotion he helped build. There were several rumors regarding his departure. Some claimed that there was some heat between Rhodes and Tony Khan. The AEW president shut down these claims by stating that he and the former TNT Champion were still friends.

During a recent interview with The Ten Count, former AEW star Big Swole shared her thoughts on why Rhodes left the promotion. She claimed that she saw signs and that there seemed to be tension between the two parties.

The 33-year-old also mentioned that while nothing was official, she knew he would leave the company.

"People just kiki in the back and we have little gossiping here and there among friends. Nothing really concrete was like 'Oh, he's really leaving.' I had my own personal assumptions because I'm a people watcher and I look for signs and 'Nah, something's a little murky up over here' but nothing really official. But when he left, I was like 'Told you!' It just kinda felt like he was a little uneasy," Big Swole said. [H/T Wrestling Inc.]

Big Swole shared her experience working with Cody Rhodes

During the same interview, Swole discussed her experience working with Cody Rhodes.

She mentioned that Rhodes was more like her mentor. She always reached out to him if she needed any advice with wrestling or otherwise.

"It was amazing. Honestly, he was like a mentor. When they put me kind of in charge of the women's division as far as keeping the peace parliamentarian, like you know, overall morale and everything, he was my go to. I would go to Cody for everything, for every idea that I had for any type of division, any type of anything. I would go to him." [H/T Wrestling News.co].

The American Nightmare is currently prepping himself for his WrestleMania match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. He is hoping to be the one to defeat Roman Reigns and win the top prize for the first time.

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