33-year old star supports Paul Wight (fka The Big Show) against AEW personality

Paul Wight currently works as commentator for AEW DARK
Paul Wight currently works as commentator for AEW DARK

AEW's Paul Wight recently found himself on the receiving end of a lawsuit by a personality from the promotion who has seemingly had enough of the wrestling veteran. Coming to his support was The Acclaimed's Max Caster, who hyped Wight to take action.

The Acclaimed found success on All Elite Wrestling with their unique rap-style gimmick. Caster adds in verses pertaining to wrestling-related events or taking digs at his opponents. Their unlikely alliance with WWE legend Billy Gunn garnered a lot of reactions from fans.

Paul Wight has been an active commentator on DARK while taking to competing in the ring on a few rare occasions. On the latest edition of the show, the veteran seemingly got under Mark Sterling's skin when he stated his dislike for the manager.

In light of recent events, Caster took to Twitter to cheer on Wight to take down Sterling:

"Paul please give this guy the Final Cut AND the WMD @PaulWight."
Paul please give this guy the Final Cut AND the WMD @PaulWight…

Shaquille O'Neal recently challenged Paul Wight to a tag team bout on AEW

Since he debuted on WCW and emerged on WWE, Paul Wight's immense height and stature has captivated wrestling fans all around the world. He uses his strength and physique to his advantage and defeats opponents.

Shaquille O'Neal appeared on AEW during a mixed tag team match alongside Jade Cargill a couple of years ago. Recently, the giant took to social media to brag about his match against Cody Rhodes and then proceeded to call out Paul Wight for a potential feud:

"Cody, whoever else wants it, Big Show," O'Neal said. "As a matter of fact, oh no, he's in LA. Tell you what, Diamond Sheik and Shaq vs Big Show and whoever else you want. Let's go, AEW."
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Also, a gift from my brother @SHAQ we are going to call this the BILLION DOLLAR BELT 🏆💎✨ Thank you big bro @djdiesel also watch out @PaulWight we coming for you @AEW @AEWonTV ...#breakingnews #challenge #shaq #wrestling #aew #paulwight #Championship #new

The Jacksonville-based promotion has been open to having celebrities compete on the promotion, from TikTok stars to athletes from other sports.

Would you like to see Shaquille O'Neal take on Paul Wight in singles competition? Sound off in the comments.

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