36-year-old star makes a big demand to AEW

AEW has been set a task by one of the company
AEW has been set a task by one of the company's original stars

It's not often that AEW talents make public demands of Tony Khan, but one of the company's original stars is making his voice heard about a very specific issue. The star in question is The Dark Order's Evil Uno.

Uno has been a mainstay in All Elite Wrestling since the company was founded. Although he and his Dark Order cohorts aren't featured on weekly television as often as they used to be, Uno still seems to believe that he deserves a more prominent position in the company's crossover media.

Evil Uno is an avid gamer and acts as the host of All Elite Arcade on the company's official AEWGames Twitch channel. Lately, he has been campaigning on X to be included in several popular video game franchises. Notably, he wants to be a playable character in All Elite Wrestling's own game, AEW: Fight Forever.

"Make Evil Uno playable in AEW Fight Forever," wrote Uno.

It's unclear why Uno was not included as a playable character in the game, as he was heavily involved in its marketing ahead of release. With new characters becoming available through DLC over time, there's still a good chance the masked star will make it into the game in the near future.

This isn't the first time Evil Uno has spoken up about being left out by AEW

The Dark Order underwent a split last year as the contracts of Alan Angels and Stu Grayson expired. While the two departed the company, Uno, John Silver, Preston Vance, and Alex Reynolds stayed on.

However, the group was weakened after their association with Hangman Page sputtered to an end. As the faction's television time dried up, the company promoted them less, and that's something that Evil Uno has spoken up about several times.

When The Elite signed new contracts earlier this year, the company put out a press release to announce the news. Uno took to X shortly after and asked why The Dark Order didn't receive the same treatment when they re-signed:

"Dark Order also re-signed. Where’s our press release?"

It's unclear what the future holds for Uno and The Dark Order, but with All Elite Wrestling's faction warfare as strong as ever, fans could see the group make a resurgence at some point soon.

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