Absent AEW star reacts to Asuka bringing back her alter ego upon WWE return at Royal Rumble 2023Β 

Asuka had a strong showing in the Royal Rumble match
Asuka had a strong showing in the Royal Rumble match

Asuka's return to WWE with her menacing alter ego at Royal Rumble 2023 has garnered a response from popular AEW star Abadon.

The Empress of Tomorrow entered the 30-woman contest at the No.17 spot at the premium live event. However, in a surprising turn of events, the Japanese star unveiled her Kana persona to the WWE Universe.

She lasted in the Rumble match for around 33 minutes and had three eliminations to her name. Asuka was among the final three contestants in the bout and was thrown out of the ring by the eventual winner, Rhea Ripley.

Shortly after, Asuka took to Twitter to seemingly confirm that she has fully embraced her heelish Kana gimmick following her return. AEW star Abadon seemed fascinated by the development and shared a tweet of her own.


You can check out the full results of Rampage HERE.

WWE legend Road Dogg recently heaped praise on Asuka

While speaking on the Oh You Didn't Know? podcast, Road Dogg said that he is especially impressed with The Empress of Tomorrow's presentation and in-ring skills.

The wrestling veteran went on to claim that Asuka should be the "Roman Reigns of women's wrestling."

β€œI think as far as presentation, in ring skills, dare I say promo skills just because I love what she does and how she represents herself via her verbal skills. I just love it and I think everybody else does too. I think she should probably be the Roman Reigns of women’s wrestling right now. It’s just my opinion. I know the big argument is, well, she can’t cut a promo domestically. I think we’re past that as a culture, as a society."
Asuka coming back in this form is one of the best things to happen from tonight's show

While a change of persona did wonders for Reigns and led to him having a record-breaking run in WWE, it remains to be seen if the same holds true for The Empress of Tomorrow.

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