Adam Cole’s old friend seemingly hints at AEW comeback

Adam Cole thanked his fellow NXT Superstar
Adam Cole thanked his fellow NXT Superstar

An absent AEW star recently tweeted about his memorable feud with Adam Cole. The star in question is Kyle O'Reilly.

Cole and O'Reilly are longtime friends and former NXT Superstars who used to be in a faction called The Undisputed Era together. After the stable fractured, the two went on to have a highly acclaimed feud. In a recent tweet, Adam Cole addressed Kyle O'Reilly as his toughest opponent.

Replying to the tweet, O'Reilly took to Twitter and said that he couldn't wait to be in the ring with the former NXT Champion once again.

"It’s been an honor to make magic with you. Can’t wait to do it again someday sooner than later @AdamColePro Thanks for being my friend.. and greatest opponent," wrote Kyle O'Reilly.

Kyle has been absent from AEW Television since August 2022. He is currently recovering from a neck surgery.

Matt Hardy thinks Adam Cole is the Devil

Since the arrival of the mysterious villain known as the Devil in AEW, many viewers are suspicious that Adam Cole is the man behind the mask.

On a recent episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, WWE and TNA legend Matt Hardy spoke about the possibility of Cole being the Devil and whether the former NXT Champion will turn on his current best friend and partner, MJF.

"If I had to guess, [Adam Cole] would be my guess... I genuinely don't know. That is just based on general storytelling and where I think they're going. Those guys bonded. They have a really intriguing dichotomy. Could it be The Kingdom and those guys tied into it? Possibly. Like a new faction, the Undisputed Kingdom Era supergroup. I'm just not sure who the guys are gonna be," said Matt Hardy.

Fans are wondering if the entire Undisputed Era will reunite in All Elite Wrestling, as Roderick Strong is also part of the AEW roster now.

When do you think Kyle O'Reilly will return to action in the Jacksonville-based promotion? Let us know in the comments section below.

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