Adam Copeland gives backstage details about the immediate aftermath of his injury at AEW Double or Nothing 2024

Adam Copeland
Photo credit: AEW's YouTube channel

Adam Copeland suffered a serious injury at AEW Double or Nothing. He has now given some details about the aftermath of his injury.

Adam Copeland has had an incredible start to his AEW run. He was involved in a heated feud against his former best friend Christian Cage which ended with him winning the TNT Championship. Copeland was a fighting champion who defended his title in the Cope open frequently. At AEW Double or Nothing, Copeland faced off against his toughest opponent yet, Malakai Black.

During the match, Copeland went for a dive off the cage onto Malakai Black. However, he landed awkwardly. Despite winning the match, Copeland was stripped of his title because he broke his leg during the bout.

Copeland recently appeared on the Busted Open Radio where he revealed some details about what transpired immediately after he got injured in the ring.

"So the good thing was I landed, and I truly was like, ‘Okay, it’s not my Achilles,’ because it was the same leg that I tore my Achilles on. I was like, ‘Well, Achilles held, that’s cool. Maybe it’s an ankle sprain, maybe it’s a bone bruise.’ It felt like the ankle and tibia or fibula jammed, right? I got up, finished the match, and I felt a little click. I was like, ‘Hey, okay, I got this.’ I finished the match."

He continued:

“Get to the back. I was like, ‘Huh, interesting.’ They started moving it and playing with it. And I was like, it doesn’t hurt that much. So then I walked out of the building and walked straight into Emergency. And they went, ‘What are you doing? Get off your foot, dumb**s. You have a broken leg.’ Oh, okay? I didn’t know that." [H/T WrestleZone]

Al Snow believes that Tony Khan has a major problem with Adam Copeland injured

Given the fact that Adam Copeland was stripped of the title means that the extent of the injury is severe which would keep him out of action for several months. Considering the star power of Copeland, this is not a good thing for AEW and Tony Khan.

Speaking on the Vince Russo Brand podcast, Al Snow stated that Tony Khan brought Adam into AEW and is paying him to draw money for the promotion. However, this injury means that Copeland will still earn a salary but the promotion won't be able to use his services:

"Now that he has taken this risk by attempting to have a five-star cage match, broke his tibia. He's going to be out for probably a minimum of six months. He is of course going to be probably still being paid and yet you as the promoter are not going to be able to put him in the ring and achieve the objectives of what you were putting that investment in him in the first place."


It remains to be seen when Adam Copeland will make his return to AEW television after recovering from his injury.

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