"It's getting old because it's fake" – Jim Cornette is not a fan of AEW personality's promos

Jim Cornette is not a fan of Dan Lambert's promos in AEW
Jim Cornette is not a fan of Dan Lambert's promos in AEW
Uday Maggon

Jim Cornette is one of the best talkers of his time and, in his opinion, Dan Lambert's promos in AEW berating the company and its fans are getting old and stale.

Dan Lambert has been appearing on AEW a lot, with either the American Top Team or the Men of the Year by his side. Inaugural AEW world champion Chris Jericho and Jake Hager took offense to the former MLW star's comments as the Inner Circle faced the Men of the Year at AEW Rampage: Grand Slam.

On the Jim Cornette Experience, the former Midnight Express manager gave his reasons for finding Dan Lambert's work old and stale.

"Dan, if you're listening, you're going too fast. You're coming up with some witty material but you're reciting lines because you're just reading it out, boom boom boom. Let it, feel the words, mean the words, slow down and let the crowd respond to each thing. The crowd starts chanting at one point 'shut up' he's got some heat, but he's just running through it. Like, I'm reciting all these words. I wanna get this out there, it's good material I came up with. It's getting old because it's fake. It's getting old because it's not going anywhere. The first couple of weeks, okay, remember I said I don't really see what the point is, letting him come out and tell the truth on their program unless they intend to do something about minimizing the things that he's talking about, such as the childish cosplay wrestlers. But now he's coming up with the material, but he's reading it, he's reciting it. Slow down, mean it, feel it," Jim Cornette said.

Jim Cornette believes Scorpio Sky would be a great babyface in AEW

Strong words and stronger actions - @ScorpioSky and @OfficialEGO have proven with #DanLambert and @AmericanTopTeam behind them, anyone that stands between #MenOfTheYear and the top of #AEW will suffer.

Scorpio Sky was the first-ever AEW tag team champion, a title he won as a babyface. However, after working a program with Chris Jericho and losing a TNT Championship match, Sky turned heel.

Jim Cornette believes Scorpio Sky would be a top babyface because of several positive traits.

"Scorpio Sky, I think, is a tremendous athlete and an in-ring talent as a babyface. And as a babyface, he wouldn't have to cut stellar promos he could get by, but if they wanted a top African-American singles babyface, he's got all the tools, he got experience, he can work. He's not a fireball promo, and I don't see him as a heel. So I don't know what's going on here," Jim Cornette said.

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