AEW News Roundup: WWE Hall of Famer comments on Tony Khan buying ROH, Wardlow breaks character to praise CM Punk, Bryan Danielson discusses relationship with Cody Rhodes

Latest reactions to Tony Khan buying ROH
Latest reactions to Tony Khan buying ROH
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In this edition of the AEW Rumor Roundup, we will look at the reaction towards Tony Khan's purchase of ROH, alongside various other news.

We also shared an update on Wardlow praising CM Punk in an out-of-character interview, and MJF revealed his post-AEW plans. Powerhouse Hobbs wants to face a legendary heavyweight, and Bryan Danielson's commented on his relationship with Cody Rhodes.

So without further ado, let's dive into the news roundup:

#5. Bryan Danielson on his relationship with ex-AEW star Cody Rhodes

Bryan Danielson shares a close relationship with Cody Rhodes
Bryan Danielson shares a close relationship with Cody Rhodes

Bryan Danielson might not have appeared on television with Cody Rhodes before the latter left AEW, but they are close friends in real life.

In a recent interview with The Ringer Wrestling Podcast, The American Dragon opened up about his relationship with the former EVP and detailed their time together in WWE, including Rhodes teaching him how to lie:

“Cody and I have been friends for a long time. We’d ride together in WWE and all that kind of stuff. So I don’t know if you guys know this, this is probably just something that the boys know, but I’m a big-time liar. I love to lie. And my love of lying, I wasn’t a very good liar until I rode with Cody. Cody taught me how fun lying is, right, just making up, saying something straight to somebody’s face, just the most absurd lie that you’ve ever said, right?” said Bryan Danielson.

It's undoubtedly an interesting anecdote as Danielson has always come across as a straightforward good guy. Fans never expected this mischievous side of him. What's also unexpected is that Rhodes and Danielson were riding partners while traveling across the country for live shows. It would have been great if their friendship was parlayed into an on-screen interaction on AEW Dynamite.

#4. AEW star Wardlow lavishes praise on on-screen rival CM Punk

Wardlow is one of the fastest rising stars in AEW
Wardlow is one of the fastest rising stars in AEW

Wardlow and CM Punk have been in each other's crosshairs for some time in AEW, thanks to the former's association with MJF. However, fans have been clamoring for a babyface turn for Mr. Mayhem. The slow-burning babyface turn is a compelling side plot to the Punk vs. MJF rivalry.

While speaking on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wardlow broke character to praise CM Punk and admitted it was a surreal experience. The Pinnacle bodyguard never thought the Straight Edge Superstar would return to wrestling, let alone be part of the same company as him.

Wardlow explained:

“Working with CM Punk has truly been surreal. I’ve said it before, you get in the business with your list of people you would love to work with, and CM Punk just didn’t exist on that list because that wasn’t ever an option. That was done and over, no possibility of that happening. So, for it to be real, man, just to work with CM Punk, something you never thought you’d be able to do. So, it is very, very cool.”

He impressed fans during his match with CM Punk on AEW Dynamite, where he completely dominated the former WWE champion but lost to a fortunate roll-up. With AEW Revolution coming up this weekend, Wardlow might play a massive part in the Dog Collar match between the two rivals. The question is, whose side will he be on?

#3. MJF reveals his post-wrestling career plans

"WWE is going to be willing to do whatever it takes to get me to jump ship because to have me, is to pretty much take a sniper rifle and shoot the heart of All Elite Wrestling.”- MJF(via Wrestling With Freddie)

Speaking of MJF, the Loudmouth from Long Island is already looking towards the future once his professional wrestling career in AEW is over.

During the latest episode of Wrestling with Freddie, MJF disclosed his plans to bring his talents to Hollywood. Whether it is dabbling in movies or television, this is something he would like to explore when he turns 35:

“By the time I turn 35, though, I’m probably going to be well and done with wrestling, I’ll have probably achieved everything that I possibly can in the pro wrestling genre, and by that time I can imagine you’ll be seeing me on billboards for movies and TV shows,” said MJF.

With his natural charisma and intriguing personality, it's not hard to imagine MJF transitioning to Hollywood and becoming a big mainstream star. Perhaps he could reach similar levels of success as The Rock, John Cena, or Batista.

However, we're hoping that the wrestling industry gets to keep the talented young star for as long as possible and establish his legacy first.

#2. AEW rising star Powerhouse Hobbs wants a match with Mark Henry

Will Mark Henry return to the ring in AEW?
Will Mark Henry return to the ring in AEW?

Powerhouse Hobbs has revealed the bucket list of wrestlers he would like to face in All Elite Wrestling. One name that fans might not expect is WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry.

While the match could be interesting, The World's Strongest Man seems to have put his in-ring career behind him and transitioned into a backstage role in All Elite Wrestling. However, that hasn't stopped Hobbs from discussing the potential dream match.

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Powerhouse Hobbs shared the rest of his list of dream opponents:

“I want to work Eddie Kingston, I want to work Jon Moxley, I definitely want to work FTR. I’m throwing this out there, I’m looking at the camera, I want to work Mark Henry. The Young Bucks, I want to work people that have my style and go against my style, everything meshes so well,” said Powerhouse Hobbs.

Hobbs is one of the company's most talented young stars, and his physique and athleticism make him stand out from the rest of the roster. Here's hoping he gets more opportunities to showcase his abilities in a high-profile feud this year.

#1. WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page reacts to Tony Khan buying ROH

It's him, it's him, it's DDP. The beloved WWE Hall of Famer and 3-time WCW World Champion @RealDDP is joining us as a panelist for the Sportskeeda Wrestling Awards!Join him by voting here: #AEW #IMPACTWrestling #SKWrestlingAwards

Tony Khan recently announced that he is the new owner of Ring of Honor. The news has sent shockwaves throughout the industry. The latest to react to this historical development is WCW legend and WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page.

Speaking on the latest episode of Sportskeeda's The Bro Show, DDP shared his thoughts on Tony Khan's acquisition of ROH. He speculated that Khan might not have spent "big money" to acquire the promotion but instead focused on securing some of its top talents.

"He didn't pay any big money for that, dude. They are not throwing money away on that. They might on some of their top talents that are coming but they won't be the first to do that," said Diamond Dallas Page.

There have been rumblings that ROH will act as developmental territory for AEW, with some of the talents occasionally coming down to have matches in the promotion. The potential for partnership and collaboration is enormous, and it can only bring good news to wrestling fans.

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