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AEW parodies Matt Sydal debut on Being The Elite

Sydal was robbed of his title shot (Image courtesy: Being The Elite)
Sydal was robbed of his title shot (Image courtesy: Being The Elite)
Karan Bedi
Modified 14 Sep 2020

AEW is not complete without The Elite, and it didn't take long for them to parody the events from All Out. As many would have guessed, Matt Sydal was revealed as the "Joker card" in the Casino Battle Royal. But unfortunately, Sydal's debut was rather anti-climatic.

As Sydal went for his signature Shooting Star Press, the former WWE Superstar slipped and hit his head on the ropes. Luckily, Sydal came out of it safe and sound. But Being The Elite gave a possible reason why Sydal slipped.

Michael Nakazawa poured oil on the turnbuckle where Sydal slipped at AEW All Out

Being The Elite is not only unafraid to take shots but also willing to make fun of themselves in the process. The scene depicts Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks "booking" the Casino Battle Royale when Michael Nakazawa shows up.

He asks the trio where he would slot in the match, and they laugh at the idea of his question. When they said all the slots are filled except The Joker slot, he asked to be in that slot. They tell him it's taken by Matt Sydal, which marks his AEW debut.

Nakazawa decides to get even and oils up the turnbuckle at AEW All Out. After Sydal slips, The Elite are upset in the locker room, and Nick Jackson compares Sydal to the infamous Shockmaster. Nakazawa shows up and reveals that he left an "Impact" and oiled the turnbuckle.

The Elite are flabbergasted and kicked Nakazawa out of their locker room. Nick Jackson keeps saying that "he could have killed this man," and Omega grinds his teeth and calls him a "son of a b**ch."

Later, Nakazawa confesses to Sydal, who initially thinks he's sorry about his slip. But Sydal then realizes that Nakazawa made him slip when he put oil on the turnbuckle. Sydal is shocked and chases Nakazawa across the hallway.


You can watch the segments at 7:30 and 22:08 in the video below

AEW never misses an opportunity to make fun of themselves, and this doesn't seem any different. While this is mere speculation, it also seemed that AEW was even poking fun at the internet outrage over Matt Hardy's fall. It should be noted that Hardy does show up in the episode, but he seemed too normal for The Young Bucks liking.

Published 14 Sep 2020, 23:09 IST
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