AEW Rampage Results: Former WWE star makes debut, Eddie Kingston turns heel on his friend, major upset in the main event (January 20, 2023)

Jade Cargill and Eddie Kingston on AEW Rampage
Jade Cargill and Eddie Kingston on AEW Rampage

Welcome to the results for January 20, 2023, episode of AEW Rampage.

This week's episode showcased four matches, including a former WWE star's television debut for AEW. Action Andretti got an upset win in the main event, while Jungle Boy picked up a big win.

Without any delay, let's jump into the results.

Jungle Boy vs. Ethan Page on AEW Rampage

Ethan Page attempted an Ego’s Edge right off the bat. Jungle Boy foiled his attempts as Page rolled to the outside. He used Isiah Kassidy to dodge JB, but the latter hit him with a suicide dive.

Matt Hardy and Stokely Hathaway provided a distraction that allowed the heel to take control. The former AEW Tag Team Champion fired back with a flying lariat, but Page dropped him with a back body drop.

.@OfficialEGO is slap-happy here on #AEWRampage on TNT!

Page delivered a power slam for a nearfall. JB fought out of an Ego’s Edge attempt but got hit with a Twist of Fate. Hook made his way to the ring when Matt Hardy tried to get involved.

Jungle Boy attempted a Code Red, but All Ego grabbed Matt Hardy's hair to save himself. Hardy pushed Page away, allowing JB to roll up Page for the win. This led to an altercation between Page and Hardy after the match, and the former challenged Jungle Boy and Hook to a tag team match on Dynamite.

Result: Jungle Boy def. Ethan Page

Grade: B

Eddie Kingston and Ortiz promo segment

The #HouseOfBlack has successfully driven a wedge between #EddieKingston and @Ortiz_PowerfulWatch #AEWRampage on TNT right now!

Ortiz said Eddie Kingston had lost his mind and that the House of Black had gotten in his head. He asked the Mad King to come out and talk to him man to man.

Kingston came out with a chair in his hand. Ortiz told Kingston that Homicide would call him a coward and a fake tough guy, following which The Mad King attacked Ortiz with the chair and walked away.

Brian Cage vs. Willie Mack

Willie Mack, who signed with WWE in 2014, made his AEW television debut against Brian Cage on AEW Rampage.

Mack delivered a Samoan Drop but missed a standing moonsault. Cage delivered a big boot and a German Suplex as he took control of the match. The Machine chopped the former IMPACT star in the corner and hit a running boot.

Are we on the verge of a huge upset by @Willie_Mack?! It’s #AEWRampage on TNT!

Cage spiked him on the ring apron as Mack rolled to the outside. Willie tried to make a comeback, but the former FTW Champion picked up the win with a Drill Claw.

Result: Brian Cage def. Willie Mack

Grade: C+

AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill and Leila Gray vs. The Vanity Twins (Jaida and Jordyn Vanity)

Undefeated TBS Champion @Jade_Cargill and Baddie @Miss_LeilaGrey are in action right now on #AEWRampage on TNT!

Leila Gray started in dominant fashion before tagging in Jade Cargill. She backed her opponent in the corner as the Baddies double-teamed on their opponent. Gray dropped her opponent with a neck breaker and a facebuster, but Jade asked her to not pin her. Jade tagged in to deliver a Jaded for the win.

Result: Jade Cargill and Leila Gray defeated The Vanity Twins

Grade: D

Action Andretti vs. Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia started fast as he backed Andretti into the corner. The latter fought back with a springboard back elbow and chops in the corner. He hit an enzuigiri and followed it up with a suicide dive.

And @Garciawrestling can't believe Andretti just kicked out of that?! Watch #AEWRampage on TNT!

Garcia came back with a lariat and shoved Andretti into the ring steps. Garcia took control briefly, but Andretti fought back to earn a nearfall. Garcia hit a big boot but ran straight into a thrust kick. After some back-and-forth action, Andretti delivered the Running Shooting Star Press for the win.

Result: Action Andretti def. Daniel Garcia

Grade: B+

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