"F**k it"- AEW star Saraya (fka Paige) lashes out at fans pointing out flaws in recent Dynamite promo

AEW's newest addition The former WWE Divas Champion Saraya [fka Paige]

AEW star Saraya has lashed out at fans after they pointed out several flaws in her recent promo on Dynamite.

She made her AEW debut at the Grand Slam event. Last week on Dynamite, the former Divas Champion cut her first promo for the company. Instantly, she took shots at WWE and also mentioned that All Elite Wrestling was her house now.

Saraya then invited the rest of the women and appreciated them, stating that the women's division would be better and that she was the 'revolution.' Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. interrupted and took some shots at the former WWE Divas Champion's name and injured neck. Saraya's response to Baker was:

"Well Doctor, your name rhymes with s***"

However, The Anti-Diva received a lot of heat for her first promo. The newest addition to AEW was fed up with the fans and lashed out at the fans.

"You know what f**k it. Think what you want @AEW is my house now," Saraya tweeted.

Check out the uncensored tweet here.

Britt Baker and wrestling fans shared mixed reactions to Saraya's tweet

The wrestling world was not pleased with the self-proclaimed Revolution's promo, and the tweet worsened things.

Former AEW Women's Champion Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D replied to the tweet with a confused face emoji.

k. 🥴…

People laughed at Paige for throwing a tantrum and hoped she did not turn out to be the female version of CM Punk.

@Saraya @AEW Just as long as you aren't ranting while eating muffins at a press conference in a year, everyone will be happy.

Some also pointed out that two other wrestlers are already using her catchphrases in AEW.

@Saraya @AEW It is Swerve's house and the Revolution is Ricky Starks.Find a new catchphrase I'm afraid.
@Saraya @AEW Someone wants to talk to you

The wrestling world mentioned that they felt it was a bit of a low blow for attacking WWE as soon as she became All Elite.

@Saraya @AEW The boss comment was a low blow considering WWE looked out for your long-term health and kept paying you to sit on the sidelines, helped do a movie on your story… plus you just got to AEW and clearly TK is having issues with talent. So, like I said, give it a minute.
@FSchaeffer06 @Saraya @AEW I've never been a fan of trashing your former employer publicly. Those are comments best kept private. Just be happy you've moved on to greener pastures, leave the past behind, and make new and positive memories.

However, not all the comments were negative. A few fans showed support for the British wrestler.

@Saraya @AEW Don’t let these internet trolls get to you Saraya. Slowly build the division up, we’re all glad you’re here to change things around - it was needed. Keep doing you
@Saraya @AEW Man, people don't get upset when artists switch record labels because their contract ended & they wanted to try something new. It's just switching employers, u are still u but now u are known as the badass Saraya by birth instead of Paige. Go show them how Saraya runs the house.

The former WWE Divas Champion has still not made it clear if she will be wrestling in AEW. The wrestling world will need to wait a little longer to find out.

What was your reaction to the Dynamite promo? Let us know in the comments section below.

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