"Better than their forefathers would've hoped" - AEW star breaks character to heap praise on The Bloodline

The Bloodline finally crumbled at the Royal Rumble
The Bloodline finally crumbled at the Royal Rumble

AEW star Samoa Joe has provided his honest opinion on The Bloodline. During his time with WWE, Joe worked alongside Roman Reigns and others.

The Tribal Chief and his faction has been part of one of the most thrilling storylines in all of pro wrestling right now. The group was recently betrayed by Sami Zayn, who finally turned his back on Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble. Zayn attacked Reigns with a steel chair when he asked him to brutalize his former best friend Kevin Owens.

Speaking on The Sessions, Joe broke character to praise Reigns and his stablemates, with whom he is also good friends in real life.

"It's overwhelming, obviously, you know the stuff that The Bloodline are doing is great. The Usos are both really good friends of mine, Roman, he is a good brother. They're all good brothers and I think for them it's very much about carrying the legacy their family started. Years passed, carrying that legacy probably better than their forefathers would've hoped," said Samoa Joe. [16:15-16:39]

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Vince Russo recently spoke about The Bloodline's dominance

Wrestling veteran Vince Russo recently praised Roman Reigns and The Usos. He claimed that no superstar could surpass The Bloodline members and what they achieved in 2022.

Speaking on Writing with Russo, Russo claimed that former WWE Champion, Big E, might've surpassed the trio if he wasn't injured. Vince Russo said:

"This is a great exercise and a great example because a year has passed. Would anyone supersede Roman Reigns and The Usos? What does that tell you right there, guys? And let's face it. The only reason Big E might be superseded is because he got hurt, right? Otherwise, it could have been the same three."

Reigns and others were involved in a major segment at the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event with Sami Zayn betraying Reigns and co.

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