Bryan Danielson recently took 31-year-old female AEW star under his wing

Bryan Danielson (left) and AEW logo (right)
Bryan Danielson (left) and AEW logo (right)

Bryan Danielson has taken a 31-year old female AEW star under his wing, and according to her own admission, she is loving it. Danielson is known to mentor young stars and this is just the latest name to be added to a long list.

The star in question here is none other than Red Velvet. She spoke about her appreciation for how much of a blessing training with Bryan Danielson has been and that she was loving it. She was speaking on HEY! (EW) with RJ City.

During the interview, RJ City asked her about Danielson and she responded:

“Yeah, I’ve been training with Bryan recently since joining AEW. Huge blessing, love it. He is great. [4:53 - 4:59]

There is this notion seemingly going around that the former WWE star is very strict and has been running the roost in AEW. However, things like this remind the fans that Danielson is still a great person and will go the extra mile to make a wrestler feel welcomed.

Jeff Jarrett reveals why Bryan Danielson did not sign with TNA

Bryan Danielson was a very popular name on the independent scene and he almost went to TNA before moving to WWE in 2009. This was recently revealed by former TNA star Jeff Jarrett on his My World podcast.

Jarrett said that the reason why TNA could not sign Bryan was because the roster was full.

“He was under contract to those guys [ROH], and I believe when he came up for renewal... I’ve made my comments on Bryan through the years, he’s, if not the current best [wrestler in the world]. He’s certainly always been one of the best storytellers. Yeah, he can do all the different moves and all that. But since this is 2009, the roster we just talked about was jam-full. And he was under contract, I think it was good for Dave [Meltzer] to write, 'Hey, he’s wrestler of the year, but TNA’s ever thought about it.' Well, he’s under contract, do.” [H/T - PWMania]

It would have been interesting to see what would have come out of his career had Bryan gone to TNA instead of WWE.

What do you make of Jeff Jarrett’s comments? Tell us in the comments section below.

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