Chris Jericho advised current AEW star to 'scrap' WWE gimmick

How much influence does Chris Jericho have in AEW?
How much influence does Chris Jericho have in AEW?

Chris Jericho has seemingly become a much bigger name in AEW's locker room than he was back in WWE. The star's advice even once helped Big Bill (W. Morrissey) change his gimmick and portrayal drastically from his WWE appearance.

The inaugural AEW World Champion has been on the receiving end of a ton of criticism from some fans online. Despite this, Chris Jericho remains one of the most featured AEW stars and is one of the highest-paid stars on the roster.

During his appearance on AEW Unrestricted, Big Bill recalled Chris Jericho's advice during his tenure on the Independent Circuit.

“Yeah, that was Jericho’s idea a long time ago. I talked to Chris; it had to be 2019. He said, ‘Man, everything you did in WWE, the look, scrap it. You got to do something brand new.’"
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Big Bill continued, explaining that he didn't enjoy his WWE look either.

“Wearing trunks and those high boots, it’s not me. It just didn’t feel right, so wearing jeans and Timbs felt right. That started with Jericho telling me to switch things up; it felt organic to me.” (H/T WrestleZone)

Chris Jericho recently claimed that former AEW World Tag Team Champion Swerve Strickland is responsible for some of the highest ratings the promotion has had over 2022.

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Chris Jericho claims he isn't thinking about his pro wrestling retirement at all

At 52 years old, Jericho still seems to be competing at the level of a man in his late 30s. Not only is he heavily featured, but continues to put his body on the line in some of the most brutal matches. But like all wrestlers, he too will have to retire someday.

.@starkmanjones doing everything he can to take care of @IAmJericho on the outside!#AEWDynamite is LIVE on TBS!

During his appearance on WTF with Marc Maron, Jericho addressed speculations about his retirement.

"I could end tomorrow. I could end five years from now, or who cares? Sting is 63 and still doing great stuff. So who knows, man? To me, as long as you can still compete at a high level. If I went out there and two, three, four times in a row I felt like, 'Oof, I'm starting to f***ing phone this in,' I would quit." (H/T WrestlingInc.)

Jericho is clearly not slowing down anytime soon and is definitely in amazing shape. If the star ends up following Sting's example, we might just have 10 more years of Chris Jericho.

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