Chris Jericho reacts to Owen Hart Cup in AEW

Owen Hart has gone down as one of the memorable stars of his time (Pic Source: WWE)
Owen Hart has gone down as one of the memorable stars of his time (Pic Source: WWE)

Owen Hart left behind a remarkable legacy, as many wrestlers today wished they could have wrestled him, and Chris Jericho is certainly at the top of that list. As a result, it wasn't surprising to see the former AEW World Champion react to the news that AEW and the Owen Hart Foundation have entered into a relationship that will honor his legacy with the Owen Hart Cup tournament.

In a brief tweet, Jericho stated he was proud to announce that "Owen Hart is All Elite."

According to the press release, the tournament winner will receive a cup known as "The Owen." Martha Hart, Owen's widow, stated that the tournament will honor his substantial influence on professional wrestling, and it will be a special gift to honor his loyal fanbase.

Tony Khan also noted that the Hart family's relationship with the company goes back to its first PPV, Double or Nothing 2019. He further said that this agreement to extend his memory is a powerful and meaningful moment for the entire wrestling community. You can click here to read the full press release.

Chris Jericho had pitched an Owen Hart tournament last year to Tony Khan in AEW

While this agreement might have caught fans by surprise, it seems that Jericho has already been lobbying for the idea behind the scenes. He previously explained that he would love to see AEW honor Owen somehow, as his spirit lived on in the company.

"I'd love to see (Martha) do something with AEW," said Jericho. "I think the spirit of Owen Hart lives on in AEW for sure. I'm a huge disciple of him. I'm very much influenced by Owen Hart. So I think that, whether it's New Japan or AEW, I think it's important for Owen to be remembered by his fans and by the people that he influenced, myself included."
This is huge.…

At the end of his career, Owen Hart may not have been a world champion, but he carried himself like one. With today's announcement, The King of Harts lives on in AEW, and it will undoubtedly be fascinating to see how the tournament will come together in the weeks ahead.

What do you think about AEW's partnership with the Owen Hart Foundation? Sound off below.

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