Chris Jericho wants to see AEW honor Owen Hart [Exclusive]

Chris Jericho would like to see AEW honor Owen Hart (photo credit: AEW)
Chris Jericho would like to see AEW honor Owen Hart (photo credit: AEW)
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It's been 21 years since the tragic death of Owen Hart but his memory lives on with wrestling fans. But many would like to see Owen officially honored by the wrestling world. In the latest series of Vice's Dark Side of the Ring, Owen's wife, Martha Hart, outlines why she doesn't want to see her husband in the WWE Hall of Fame. And the series' narrator, AEW's Chris Jericho, also believes an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame is not the right way to honor Owen.

Chris Jericho wants Owen Hart honored

Ahead of Dark Side of the Ring's UK TV premiere, I asked Jericho how he would like to see Owen honored.

"I never thought Owen should go in the Hall of Fame it's just not right. I think anybody who had any problems with that should watch it and will understand where the family's coming from."
"I think the best part of it all is, I think the family realises there's other places to go other than WWE, there's a lot of other Halls of Fame and a lot of other places where Owen could get some of the accolades that he deserves, 21 years later."
"His influence doesn't go away and it shouldn't be minimised but if (Martha) doesn't want to do that through the WWE system, I totally get that."


Chris Jericho went on to say that he would like to see AEW honor Owen, as he believes Owen's spirit lives on in the company.

"I'd love to see (Martha) do something with AEW. I think the spirit of Owen Hart lives on in AEW for sure.
"I'm a huge disciple of him. I'm very much influenced by Owen Hart. So I think that, whether it's New Japan or AEW, I think it's important for Owen to be remembered by his fans and by the people that he influenced, myself included."

The second series of Dark Side of the Ring premieres on VICE TV in the UK on June 8 at 10 pm.

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