Wrestling fans share their opinions on AEW's 'Brawl Out' incident in the aftermath of recent revelations 

Some fans have argued Punk's next steps after 'Brawl Out'

Wrestling fans have been sharing their thoughts on the altercation between AEW stars CM Punk and The Elite that took place in the aftermath of the post-All Out media scrum.

The subject has been prevalent in conversations among fans and professionals alike since occurring at the Chicago event. CM Punk and The Elite were suspended from the promotion following their supposed altercation, with it further being reported that CM Punk is in negotiations to depart AEW.

Numerous reports have emerged since the incident took place, with both sides of the story presented in a number of different ways as well as others' thoughts and feelings on the matter. Official details are scarce, but it does at least appear like The Elite could be due for a return after they featured during last week's AEW Dynamite.

It can be challenging piecing together each part in the saga and trying to establish a likely sequence of events. But that hasn't stopped fans from giving it their best go on social media.

The user below exemplified this, suggesting that Punk had been correct during his tirade against The Elite, Hangman Page and Colt Cabana during the All Out media scrum.

With all the news, reports, & propaganda coming out about CM Punk, I am now convinced Punk was 100% right at the All Out Media scrumThe Elite & AEW management are children & theyre now trying to slander his name & save faceWhat a mess AEW has become !!!

With it being reported that he is on the way out of the company, some made clear their desire to see CM Punk return to WWE for another run.

@JobberNationTV CM Punk should come back to WWE for one more *good* run
@JobberNationTV I don’t know how sincere this tweet is, but I agree with it 100%
@JobberNationTV I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be a coworker so this seems on par.
@JobberNationTV I don't believe anyone involved tbh 😄
@JobberNationTV I wanna hear from Larry the dog!
@JobberNationTV He'll fight Jake Paul next!!
@JobberNationTV Yes!! Aew is a kids company
@JobberNationTV Ultimately, Tony Khan is responsible. He should have had anticipated that stuff with Punk and Colt would be an issue and had systems in place from the minute Punk agreed to sign.
@JobberNationTV Back to the UFC for punk
@JobberNationTV I wanna hear from Larry the dog!

The conversation provoked numerous ideas, with some who felt there was truth behind Punk's rant. Others suggested that the blame should be shared, and there were even some bold calls for him to either return to UFC or pursue a boxing fight with Jake Paul.

CM Punk's AEW departure has reportedly stalled regarding a non-compete clause

As briefly mentioned before, CM Punk is said to be in the midst of negotiations for his early departure from AEW. What has been interesting to note in reports, however, has been the supposed stumbling block in said negotiations.

It's been said that Punk and Tony Khan's promotion have yet to come to terms on a non-compete clause. This is interesting to note as it would imply that Punk has an alternative destination following his departure.

While he sustained an injury during his All Out contest, it could be reasoned that CM Punk returning to WWE would be a huge deal and subsequently explain why negotiations may not be as straightforward.

What do you make of the situation? What would you like to see CM Punk do next? Let us know in the comments below.

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