'If I'm not in that match, I want to be ringside watching it' - Current AEW star wants to face Paige in a dream match (Exclusive)

Paige is now a free agent after departing from WWE
Paige is now a free agent after departing from WWE

Paige has moved on from WWE and may just be the biggest free agent right now. AEW star Dr. Britt Baker believes All Elite Wrestling could be the perfect destination for the star and would love to either face her or watch her perform from the crowd.

Despite being plagued by injuries throughout her career, Paige maintained that she's not done wrestling in her farewell tweet.

One of the frontrunners for WWE's Women's Revolution, she laid the foundation for many women to follow in her footsteps. Dr. Britt Baker is one such fan.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Dr. Baker referred to the former WWE star as a 'bad b****.' In a positive way, of course.

"I'm a huge fan of Paige. I love her. I love her mom. I've wrestled her mom before actually. But she's such an inspirational female. That girl has gone through it all and she's still, pardon my swearing, but she's such a bad b***h and she has that everything roll off your back energy," Baker said. (2.45-3.05)

The former AEW Women's World Champion added how big a fan she was of the English star, both in terms of her attitude and her incredible work:

"You can't get to her. You know what I'm saying? She holds her head high and her in a wrestling ring again, if I'm not in the match, I want to be ringside watching it," added Baker. "Because she was one of my favorites to watch. Her energy. I mean she would come out and do the sideways skip up the ramp. It made me so excited. I used to play her entrance music in my car. So, I'm a big fan." (3.06-3.30)

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