"They'd be neutered" - Disco Inferno believes 14-time WWE World Champion and his partner would fail in AEW

Disco Inferno is a fan of a top WWE tag team!
Disco Inferno is a fan of a top WWE tag team!
Sidharth Sachdeva

WCW legend Disco Inferno recently spoke about the potential of Randy Orton and Riddle, a.k.a RK-Bro, in AEW.

The Apex Predator has been a stalwart and one of the most consistent performers over the last two decades for WWE. While Orton has achieved everything a wrestler would hope to do in the company, he has made it clear that he has never entertained the thought of leaving WWE for AEW.

Despite rumors of his departure running sporadically over the years, The Viper has repeatedly stated that he would be a WWE lifer. Orton, at 42, is still going strong, as he is relishing his second reign as the RAW Tag Team Champions alongside Riddle.

While speaking on the Keepin' It 100 podcast, Inferno spoke hypothetically about how RK-Bro would be "neutered" under the AEW system. The WCW veteran created a big contrast between the two promotions, as he pointed out how Tony Khan doesn't prioritize character development while WWE focuses on every aspect:

"If you took like RK-Bro [Randy Orton and Riddle] and put them in the AEW system, they'd be neutered, or they'd have backstage interviews for a minute and a half, you know, they wouldn't have the in-rings where they'd confrontate, you know, they just won't be doing that. Because they don't do that on their show and that's the thing is like, dude, you're not spending enough time on character development, which is why your characters are underwhelming," Inferno said. (15:28)

You can check out the entire episode below:


Disco Inferno recently put RK-Bro over top AEW tag teams

While RK-Bro might not be as experienced as a team, Disco Inferno has hailed the alliance between Orton and Riddle as the best thing currently going today.

The WCW veteran recently called the duo superior to top teams like The Young Bucks and FTR:

"If you ask Meltzer, the Dirt Sheet guys or AEW or the internet wrestling community, right? Who the best tag team in the world is, right now? They'll probably say like either Young Bucks or FTR, right? And I'll say, you know what? I'm watching RK-Bro, and it's like, they work very well in the ring together. They've got a fantastic personality. Like they got a lot of charisma.
Absolutely love RKBro! β€οΈπŸ€ΈπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸŒˆ

On SmackDown next week, RK-Bro (RAW Tag Team Champions) will face The Usos (SmackDown Tag Team Champions) in a highly-anticipated title unification match.

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