Dustin Rhodes on his run in AEW vs WWE

Dustin Rhodes has found considerable success in AEW
Dustin Rhodes has found considerable success in AEW

Former WWE star Dustin Rhodes is apparently delighted to be at his current home, AEW.

Dustin Rhodes debuted in AEW back in 2019 in the very first 'Double or Nothing' of the promotion. Since then, he has participated in several matches with top-tier wrestlers on the roster, like CM Punk and Cody Rhodes. He is currently working as a wrestler and coach on Tony Khan's Promotion.

Apart from that, The Natural has had a notable career in WWE. His run as Goldust was his most prominent gimmick, which allowed him to gain a sizeable fanbase. In April 2019, he departed Vince McMahon's company after asking for his release.

A recent interview in The Sessions with Renée Paquette saw Dustin Rhodes talking about how his previous company was different from AEW.

"Feels completely different than the other place. I feel respected as a talent, respected as a great worker, respected as someone who has... can teach, can lead, can do just about everything that's asked of him. And that sticks with me, and I don't wanna let go of that..." (9:40 - 10:00)
HUGE NEWS!Goldust has officially left WWE. Is this picture a sign for things to come? Could Goldust be heading to AEW? #AEW #WWE

Dustin Rhodes has been more of a coach than a wrestler in AEW. Fans will have to stay tuned to see if he steps into the ring again in the future.

Booker T recently commented on the possibility of Dustin Rhodes returning to WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T thinks there is a decent possibility of seeing Dustin Rhodes back in WWE at some point.

Dustin has made several returning appearances in Vince McMahon's company, with the last one being in 2013. On his last run there, he was a part of the company until 2019, when he left after his 6-year tenure expired.

Despite Dustin's success in AEW, Booker T does not think it is impossible for the former to leave Tony Khan's side. He spoke about his thoughts on the matter on his Hall of Fame podcast

"Having someone like Goldie around in AEW is great, but there again, I would not be surprised if I saw him back in the WWE," said Booker T. (From 33:30 to 33:40)
The awesome combination of Booker T and Goldust as the WWE World Tag Team Champions back in December,2002.Booker and Goldust were two of the main bright spots on Raw throughout '02.they had some great comedic timing and chemistry together and were so enjoyable

So far, Dustin Rhodes has shown no inclination to leave AEW. Only time will tell what lies ahead for the veteran star in the future.

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