EC3 praises WWE Attitude Era star after AEW appearance: "He is a good man" (Exclusive)

Former WWE superstar annd reigning NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, EC3.
Former WWE superstar annd reigning NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, EC3.

The AEW fanbase was given a big surprise recently as Double or Nothing 2024 featured the return of Gangrel. During a recent edition of The Wrestling Outlaws, EC3 praised the former WWE star and urged young wrestlers to train with Gangrel.

WWE Attitude Era fans would undoubtedly be familiar with Gangrel as his vampire gimmick drew the viewers' attention and helped form The Brood alongside Edge and Christian.

Gangrel is 55 years old but continues to perform sporadically, mainly on the indies, and is also known for being the head trainer at the famed CCW (Coastal Championship Wrestling) training facility in Florida.

While speaking on Sportskeeda's WrestleBinge channel, EC3 discussed Gangrel's wrestling school and his coaching skills, stating that aspiring wrestlers in and around Florida should attend the veteran's sessions.

"Another thing about Gangrel, though, like if he is doing independent shows, first off, he is a really good trainer. So, if you're in the Florida area looking to break into the business and you can't come up and train with me in Cleveland, train with him; he does an excellent job." [4:58 - 5:08]

EC3 felt Gangrel's work ethic was second to none and that he perfectly helped rookies understand the nuances of wrestling.

As a performer, Gangrel still managed to grab eyeballs and always got a great reaction for his vampire character. EC3 said Gangrel wasn't just a great pro wrestler but also a good man, as he added:

"He works hard, and he is great at leading young guys into experienced wrestling, but he gets reactions from kids and fans who had no idea of his past. But he's fun to watch because he comes out, he is spitting blood, he is clapping. The music is cool. He is a good man." [5:09 - 5:32]

As you may have imagined, David Heath (Gangrel) is a respected name in the business, who even Vince Russo called the ultimate "pro."

Gangrel's big moment at AEW Double or Nothing

Adam Copeland leaning towards his sinister side on AEW TV was the first hint that he might consider reuniting with Gangrel.

Edge's revelation that WWE barred a WrestleMania return in the past for Gangrel further fueled speculation that AEW could make the nixed angle come to fruition. And it happened at Double or Nothing!

Copeland defended the TNT Championship in a barbed wire cage match against Malakai Black, and he eventually needed an assist from Gangrel to overcome the House of Black.

Gangrel, who made his first AEW appearance since 2022, hit the ring and hit Buddy Matthews and Brody King with his signature impaler DDTs. Copeland shared an emotional hug with Gangrel after his victory, giving fans a moment to remember forever.

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