Eric Bischoff says CM Punk must "convince" one man if he wants a WWE return

Eric Bischoff (left) and CM Punk (right) used to both work for WWE
Eric Bischoff (left) and CM Punk (right) used to both work for WWE

On his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff and his co-host recently discussed potential pathways for CM Punk in what could be the next and final chapter of his wrestling career. Among the choices, however, heading to WWE may be the most practical and possible choice.

It has not been revealed yet whether CM Punk will get to compete for another promotion to close his career or not. The idea of him going to WWE has been discussed, and this seemed to be the most probable destination. For the Hall of Famer, he believed that this too was his most probable destination, as other promotions like NJPW, and IMPACT may not be able to afford him.

On the podcast, Eric Bischoff discussed what would need to happen for CM Punk to have a better chance to go to WWE. He remarked that the way forward for Punk would be to be open and honest with Triple H, on wanting to end his career on a high note.

"I think if Phil (CM Punk) sat down with Paul Levesque (Triple H) and had an honest conversation, and just laid it on the table and left his ego back in Chicago. And just really had a heart-to-heart honest conversation, and was able to convince Paul that he really did want to end his career on a high note, I think that that's a possibility..."

He also mentioned that knowing Triple H, he would make the smart decision, but first things first would be the AEW star laying it all down, and being convincing, but sincere.

"I think Paul a pretty smart guy, and he's seen a lot. And I think that Paul would be reasonable, and again it would all come down to Phil Brooks being able to convince Paul that he's sincere. That's the part that's going to be the most difficult on whether or not Punk has another chapter in his story or not." [4:51-5:54]

CM Punk has previously teased a return after two months

Last weekend, while providing commentary for the CFFC 125 MMA event, CM Punk teased something special happening two months from that point.

He was asked if he still had time on his hands, to which Punk would look at his watch and say he had two months of free time. While the reason for him giving such a specific timeline is not known, many speculated this could be referring to his probable return.

Two months from now is Survivor Series 2023, which takes place in Chicago, the former AEW World Champion's hometown. This coincidence was too good to be true.

If Punk does indeed end up signing with WWE, it would be interesting to see how things goes about on the promotion, considering he has a relationship with some of the current members of the promotion.

Do you think it would be a happy homecoming for CM Punk in WWE or not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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