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Eric Bischoff


Eric Bischoff will go down in history as the only man in history to have beaten Vince McMahon at

professional wrestling. While Eric Bischoff has been known for a variety of roles in his career, he is

best known as the man leading the charge for WCW during the Monday Night Wars.


After a stint in AWA, Eric Bischoff came to WCW as an announcer. He applied for a stint as Executive

Producer and was soon promoted to Executive Vice President.

The success of the nWo prompted WCW to make Eric Bischoff the President of the company. He

would also become an on-screen heel figure, something Vince McMahon found great success in, in

latter days. Eric Bischoff would also compete in the ring on several occasions.


After WCW shut shop, Eric Bischoff was brought in to WWE where he was the RAW General

Manager between 2002 to 2005. Many memorable angles would take place when he was the on-

screen General Manager, including the time when Eric Bischoff became co-General Manager with

Stone Cold Steve Austin. At three years, he remains the second longest serving General Manager in

the history of the brand. He was fired from the company in 2005, after a trial, where Vince

McMahon threw him into a garbage truck.


Eric Bischoff also had a run in TNA, where he arrived alongside Hulk Hogan. Not only did he have an

on-screen role, he was also the Executive Producer. The alliance ended on a sour note between TNA

and Eric Bischoff, and it’s not a part of his life that Bischoff talks about.

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