Eye-witness from CM Punk's backstage brawl was allegedly prohibited from speaking about incident

CM Punk has not addressed the brawl at All Out since it transpired
CM Punk has not addressed the brawl at All Out since it transpired

The backstage brawl between CM Punk and Ace Steel against The Elite left the wrestling world stunned. There have been continuous updates on the turbulence that transpired a little over a month ago. It was recently reported that Lucy Guy (Ace Steel's wife) was not allowed to talk publicly about the fight.

There have been varied versions of the incident that took place. Lucy was allegedly present in the room when the fight burst out. Additionally, it was believed that in a bid to prevent her from getting involved in the attack, Steel stood up against The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. The former WWE Superstar and Punk are real-life friends, and it came as no surprise that he went to his aid.

An internal investigation was held into the matter, and all the talent and staff involved were under the microscope. Recently, there was speculation that Larry (CM Punk's dog) was injured in the fight but was later cited as being untrue.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter highlighted that Lucy Guy had been told not to recall the incident in public while others were allowed to. Others involved had been hopeful that she would give her point of view in a bid to clarify the situation. While the investigation has reportedly concluded, none of them have been permitted to discuss the backstage brawl between themselves or in public.

Reportedly, two of Larry's teeth were knocked loose and had to be removed.#AEW #CMPunk

Chris Jericho called CM Punk a 'cancer' to the AEW locker room

At the media scrum following the All Out pay-per-view, CM Punk slammed The Elite and other AEW talents. He called out the EVPs for their irresponsibility towards the promotion.

Last week, Fightful Select reported that Chris Jericho allegedly had a verbal confrontation with Punk after his interaction with the media. He called him a 'cancer' and was toxic to the locker room.

The conversation took place after the All-Out Media Scrum and CM Punk in response told Jericho to 'get out of the locker room'.#AEW

The two-time AEW World Champion has remained silent on the matter. He was spotted out in public last month with a brace on his left arm. CM Punk suffered an injury during his title match against Jon Moxley, but his injury allegedly worsened in the brawl.

There were also alleged talks of AEW wanting to buy out the Second City Saint's contract. However, there has been no confirmation on this issue as it seems Tony Khan and team are hesitant of a potential WWE re-signing in Punk's future.

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